EastEnders fans convinced the Mitchells will KILL Kush Kazemi after he dobs them in to police during court hearing

EASTENDERS fans are convinced that the Mitchells will KILL Kush Kazemi after he dobbed them in to the police during his court hearing tonight.

Although the market trader agreed to take the blame for the family after they joined forces to steal some cars back in November, he's now backtracked his promise.

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Kush agreed to go to prison for the car heist, and in return Phil Mitchell gave him a huge lump sum of money which would have had him sorted for the rest of his life.

But since finding love with Whitney Dean, Kush has had a change of heart.

This evening he pleaded guilty for crime, but soon after a barrister revealed that he has also given evidence to prove that Phil, Ben, Shirley Carter were also involved.

The barrister said: "For the public record, the defendant has agreed to offer cooperation as a witness against a number of co-conspirators that were part of the burglary as part of an ongoing serious crime investigation and further offences that the defendant has indicated he intends to to plead guilty to at a later date."

Before Kush was released on bail, the judge asked if he had anything to say and he replied: "On Monday 16th November, I went to the offices with the intention of stealing a number of cars.

"But I wasn't alone. I was there alongside several other people. Phil Mitchell, Ben Mitchell and Shirley Carter.

"They were the ones that organised the hob, they were present on the night but managed to get away.

"I initially agreed to take soul blame for this, after being leaned on. Blackmailed by the Mitchells. But I wont be strong armed by them anymore.

"They need to pay for what they've done. "

Ben, who was watching from the witness stand, couldn't believe what he was hearing and shouted: "HE'S LYING!"

Considering the Mitchells have murdered people in a bid to get their own back in the past, many fans are now worried they could end up killing Kush.

One wrote on Twitter: "Ben is fuming….this is a good twist. I'm ready!"

A second said: "Think Kush will get murdered. Don't grass a Mitchell."

A third added: "Woah Kush. My jaw literally dropped when he dropped the Mitchells in it, the balls on him."

A fourth shared: "Oh Kush..I love you but you are a dead man walking."

Meanwhile Whitney was back at home trying to come to terms with the fact that she wouldn't be seeing her boyfriend for a long time.

When the door slammed shut, she expected sister Tiffany to come through the door, but was over the moon to see Kush instead.

A shocked Whitney asked: "Kush, what are you doing here?!"

He replied: "I'm not going to prison. I couldn't do it. I couldn't give up what we have and our future together for them.

"I spoke to the police We did a deal, I'm giving evidence as part of a bigger investigation in exchange for freedom…"

An ecstatic Whitney asked: "We can be together, there's nothing stopping us?"

Kush replied: "Yes we can, we can. But not here. I grassed the Mitchells up Whit, we need to get away, we need to leave the country. Now."

EastEnders continues tomorrow at 8.35pm on BBC One.

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