EastEnders fans horrified as Rainie Cross prostitutes herself for £30 with baby Abi next to her in her pram

EASTENDERS viewers have been left disgusted after Rainie Cross tried to prostitute herself for £50 with baby Abi next to her in her pram.

The recovering drug addict – who is played by actress Tanya Franks in the BBC soap – has run away with her great niece after kidnapping him from her husband Max and stealing all of his money for a new life.

But her new start has hit the skids and she was seen tonight forced to beg on the streets for money to afford to find a hotel for the night with Abi.

With people only giving her pence, Rainie resorted to calling Stuart for help, but when he didn't respond she faced an agonising decision.

When a businessman walking past her hiding in an alleyway he mistook her for a sex worker and asked her if she was available and in a devastating scene she agreed, and assured him a sleeping Abi wasn't his.

"Are you working?" the man asked her before spotting baby Abi's pram.

The man turned nasty when Rainie changed her mind

She told him: "It's not mine. She's sleeping, won't wake up. £50, up front. £30 but you've got to be quick."

The man then called his wife and told her he would be late before making a move on Rainie who became increasingly emotional as she stared at baby Abi in her pram just feet away.

"You need to enjoy it so kiss me properly. I said properly or…" he said as he forced Rainie up against the railings before Stuart rushed in to save her.

While Rainie was saved from the terrifying ordeal, viewers were disgusted that she had tried to sell herself in public in front of the baby.

One wrote: "Rainie is disgusting. #EastEnders"

A second said: "Rainie's seriously going to become a prostitute when she's meant to be looking after baby Abi??? What on earth?! #EastEnders"

Another added: "Ewwww……Rainie, you repulsive skank #EastEnders"

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