EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell will be brutally beaten by Ian’s son Bobby, claims new fan theory – The Sun

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Bobby Beale is the person behind Phil Mitchell's brutal beating.

As Albert Square's hardman is hospitalised following an attack in the upcoming episodes, viewers believe Bobby – now played by Clay Milner Russell – could be to blame.

Phil – played by Walford legend Steve McFadden – isn’t making friends or influencing people as the week kicks off and there is quite a list of people who wouldn’t mind bumping him off.

But the characters' fate is soon revealed after being involved in a huge fight at The Arches.

During the altercation Phil tries to get the upper hand and he quickly loses control, leaving him seriously injured.

Later, with Phil left for dead, those involved take drastic action to cover their tracks.

And fans of the BBC soap suspect Bobby is guilty.

A viewer speculated: "I think Phil Mitchell gets done in by the least expected person. BOBBY Beal when he is spotted beating Ben up,, yea that's it."

It was revealed earlier this month that Bobby was going to be part of a storyline which would see him convert to Islam.

Nevertheless, the teenager and Phil haven't always had the most civil of relationships.

In 2015, Bobby confronted Phil with a golf club as he attempted to protect step mum Jane.

Other killers linked to Phil's death include Stacey Slater.

According to fans, Stacey will attack the hardman to help save Kat Slater from being murdered after Phil and ex Shirley were captured discussing plans to "hurt" the Slater family.

One fan tweeted: "Stacey who is due to leave Walford soon will protect Kat in an unexpected turn out and will attack Phil. That’s my theory."

While others have speculated that Phil's son Ben is out to kill his father.

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