EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Fowler’s jealousy over Ruby’s affair with Max threatens to ruin her marriage to Martin

STACEY and Martin Fowler’s marriage will face more pressure in EastEnders next week as the young mum becomes increasingly jealous of Ruby Allen’s relationship with her ex-lover, Max Branning.

Ruby is puzzled when Max reveals that Stacey – who’s played by new mum Lacey Turner in the BBC One soap – isn’t happy about them dating. Determined to get to the bottom of what’s bothering her friend, Ruby invites her and Martin to lunch on a double date.

Talk about awkward.

The foursome head to Walford East but the atmosphere quickly becomes tense as Stacey and Ruby struggle to remain civil. A fed-up Ruby finally confronts Stacey – but will she reveal the truth?

Meanwhile, unable to be around Max – Jake Wood – any longer, Martin storms off. When they get home he questions Stacey over her feelings for Max.

Despite Stacey insisting that she feels nothing for him anymore, Martin – James Bye – tells her that she needs to prove that she wants their marriage to work.

The next day is Martin’s birthday but with things still tense between him and Stacey, he’s in no mood to celebrate and rushes off to work.

Later, Kush Kazemi takes Martin for a birthday drink but is taken aback when Martin tells Kat to join them.

After listening to Mo, Stacey heads off to try and make things up with Martin, but is fuming to find him having a jolly old time at the pub with Kat.

Things get worse when Ruby – Louisa Lytton – and Max arrive. Despite everything, Kat tries her best to keep the peace but with Stacey spoiling for a fight, Martin snaps at her and storms off.

Will Stacey and Martin ever move on from the Max-shaped hole in their marriage?

EastEnders fans know the couple briefly split at the beginning of last year when Stacey confessed to Martin that she’d romped with Max on Christmas Eve.

Max and Stacey famously had a long-running affair while he was married to Tanya and she was dating his son, Bradley.

Meanwhile viewers have predicted Stacey will be the one who savagely attacks Phil Mitchell next week and leaves him for dead, before going on the run as Lacey heads off on maternity leave.

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