Emmerdale Chas death sealed as fans say there is no way back after affair

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    Emmerdale fans are convinced Chas Dingle will be killed off after her affair with Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) has left the character with "no way back".

    Lucy Pargeter has starred as the Woolpack barmaid for 20 years and has become somewhat of a TV icon due to her long-standing role in the ITV soap.

    But fans' opinion of Chas has dramatically changed over the past few months following the fallout of her sordid affair with businessman Al.

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    Their entanglement resulted in Al's death at the hands of youngster Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) and her brother Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) being sent to prison for the crime.

    While Chas' infidelity is yet to be revealed, viewers believe it is only a matter of time before the secret gets out which will no doubt leave her husband Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) with a broken heart.

    And fans believe that once the truth is out, Chas will meet her end as Emmerdale writers have made redemption for the character impossible due to the damage she has caused.

    Taking to Reddit with their theories, one user penned: "Is Chas being killed off because she’s beyond unlikeable at this point! How on earth can she come back from any of this!?"

    Elaborating on the theory, they added: "She can’t. Her son hates her and blames her for his sister’s death, paddy will most definitely leave Chas taking Eve with him, the Dingle’s will side with Paddy completely, and now Cain – her last hope at any comeback, has disowned her completely, and that’s not even including any of the other villagers.

    "I just feel that the writers are making us hate her because Lucy Pargeter is leaving the show in the near future, Chas has no where else to go as a character at this point."

    A second agreed: "Hope so. Can't stand her. She makes me not want to watch Emmerdale and it's probably my favourite soap."

    "Why do the current writers hate Chas so much?!," questioned a third.

    They continued: "Is the actress leaving and they're just trying to make the audience hate her so it's easier to let go?! That's the only explanation that would make sense at this point."

    Echoing these thoughts, another penned: "I have decided that Chas is the most awful character. The script writers have done a bang up job in making her a horrible woman."

    They continued: "I really do wish she'd be written out as even if they change her for the better, she'll still be awful – she's not even soap star horrible in the best way, she's just horrible."

    As Chloe Harris gets closer to finding out who Al was cheating on her mum with, fans will have to wait to discover how things will end for Chas.

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