Emmerdale fans confused over Liam blunder as he ‘breaks major doctor rule’

Emmerdale fans have spotted a major blunder in Dr Liam Cavanagh’s behaviour as he revealed private patient information.

Meena, played by actress Paige Sandhu, has been wreaking havoc in the hit ITV soap, including murdering four people and now faking her own miscarriage.

In a gripping moment, Liam, played by Jonny McPherson, admitted to Layla that he didn’t sleep with Meena and disclosed that she had faked her own pregnancy.

Liam began: “I wasn’t entirely honest. We slept in her bed. I woke up fully clothed, she made out that I’d initiated everything, that my behaviour was inappropriate.

“I was utterly ashamed, I just accepted her version of events.”

He continued to disclose Meena’s private medical details to Layla in order to convince her of his innocence.

“I know this sounds crazy,” he added. “But I know why she plied me with alcohol, why she offered me a bed for the night.

“She had told Billy she was pregnant and she was looking for someone, anyone to father a child.”

Many fans took to Twitter to point out that Liam had broken his confidentiality practice rules as a doctor, by telling Layla about Meena's private patient information.

One user wrote: “Isn’t Liam bound by the doctors secrecy? #Emmerdale.”

As another viewer went on to predict that the next “big storyline” could be Liam losing his licence to practice medicine for breaking this vital code.

They penned: “Is the next big storyline about Liam getting struck off? Not only did he stand discussing Meena’s fictional pregnancy with Billy and Dawn but also tells them about his concerns about her mental health, whatever happened to patient confidentiality. Who is writing this?”

This revelation is one of the latest developments in Meena’s unravelling life. Meena is responsible for four deaths of residents, including her friend Nadine as well as Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker. She is also currently keeping her sister Manpreet Sharma and Vinny Dingle hostage in a barn.

As Dr Liam has exposed her faked pregnancy and miscarriage, fans suspect that he might be the one to discover and expose her crimes.

Emmerdale bosses have already promised that Meena’s “judgement day” is coming but it won’t be how fans expect it to be.

This is one of the many big storylines lined up for 2022 in the long running soap including the return of Jamie Tate.

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