Emmerdale fans disgusted with David Metcalfe after toddler Theo suffers horror injury

Emmerdale fans have been left raging at David Metcalfe, following his toddler’s painful injury after he left his young children alone.

David, played by actor Matthew Wolfenden, was seen in last night’s episode opening the shop as he left his toddler son Theo and stepson to themselves.

The shopkeeper has already angered viewers with his selfish behaviour on the soap, and the latest episode tipped fans over the edge with disgust.

Leaving the baby monitor on, David ignored his two boys as he tended to the shop.

While in conversation with Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) who had entered, Theo walked in.

David said: "Oh mate, I told you to stay put, I’ll come through in a bit.”

Wendy looked on horrified, as she said: “You left him on his own?”

“Um, no, no, no, it’s not like that. Harry’s through there as well, isn’t he mate?” David replied, defensively.

A scream was then heard from the back, followed by a crash, as David’s stepson Harry was revealed to have fallen over and hit his head.

Wendy asked her grandson: “Harry sweetheart, are you OK? Let Nanna take a look,” as she rushed over to the injured toddler.

“He’s got a bump. Harry, how are you feeling sweetheart? Do you feel sick?”

After looking over the serious injury, Wendy said to David: “What were you doing leaving them on their own?

“Look you need to get him to hospital now. You need to focus on Harry and make sure he’s alright. I’ll let Victoria know what’s happened.”

Wendy proceeded to tell Victoria Barton (Isobel Hodgins) and she rushed to the hospital, however was stopped by police on her way there for jumping a red light, which she received a fine for.

Fans have shared their angry reactions to David after his stepson’s accident online.

One person tweeted: “Why would you leave two young kids alone anyways? Dim David gets more and more worse, ughhh #Emmerdale”.

A second said: “Harry has had an accident . David should not of left Harry unattended #Emmerdale”.

“You never leave kids David #Emmerdale,” a third commented, as someone else said: "Golden rule: Never ask David to babysit #Emmerdale."

Another added: “Victoria has pretty much lost her license now thanks to David #Emmerdale”.

After accepting six points on her licence, Victoria arrived in hospital and discovered Harry was having a CT scan, following his injury.


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