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LEYLA Harding recently diced with danger by meeting up with drug dealer Callum after a conversation with Caleb Milligan.

Following the wedding planner's kidnapping horror, Emmerdale fans are wondering if the newcomer could be connected to the villain.

The long-lost member of the Dingle clan first rocked up the Dales on Christmas Day, while his brother Cain (Jeff Hordley) was in prison.

But despite the help he brought the tough man and his son Kyle Winchester, ITV viewers are struggling to blindly trust him.

While his true intentions remain somewhat shrouded in mystery, fans of the Yorkshire-based soap believe they've rumbled a massive secret about him.

It all began when he shared a recent scene with Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) who has been looking to get rid of Callum (Tom Ashley) after receiving some threatening messages.

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Caleb was not only an attentive ear but also managed to give her some advice on how to resolve her ongoing feud once and for all.

Unfortunately, this backfired on Leyla and she was kidnapped by Callum in horrifying scenes.

Since then, soap fans have been convinced Caleb is involved with Callum, with many of them believing he could even be the drug dealer's boss.

Viewers flocked over to Twitter following last night's instalment of the long-running drama to share their theories about Will Ash's on-screen alter ego.

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"I still think Caleb is somehow involved in this", one of them commented, "the only interaction between him and Leyla was last night and now this?"

Another echoed: "I don’t know why but does anyone else think Callum’s boss is Caleb?"

"Is Caleb the big coil in this?", one viewer questioned as another jumped in: "I’m wondering if Caleb is the boss of Callum? 'He’s not to be messed with,' Caleb can be very sneaky. Just my opinion."

One penned: "I agree with others that Caleb may well be the drug dealer's big cheese", while another went a step further: "I'm wondering if Caleb could be a big drug baron."

During Wednesday's trip to the eponymous village, Leyla's turmoil continued as she was bound and gagged with no way of escaping from Callum.

She has no clue on her whereabouts and is unable to contact anyone, meaning her immediate future looks very bleak.

Meanwhile, back in Emmerdale, Leyla's loved one have clocked on to the fact she's missing and they have contacted the police.

Some have put two and two together and realised Callum must have kidnapped but they don't know where he could be keeping her.


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To make matters worse, Callum got away with Suzy Merton's (Martelle Edinborough) brutal attack after his mother gave the authorities a fake alibi for him.

Callum has already shown what he's capable of when he stabbed Leyla's son, Jacob Gallagher.

After turning him to the police for his drug dealing, Leyla made the mistake of taunting him, letting him she was the one to have reported him.

Could Caleb really be working with Callum?

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Or will he be helpful in saving Leyla?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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