Emmerdale Manpreet and Vinny escape sealed as fans guess grisly Meena downfall

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Emmerdale's resident serial killer Meena Jutla could be about to meet a grisly end, as fans reckon they've worked out an escape plan for her hostages, Vinny Dingle and sister Manpreet.

With Meena planning to kill both Manpreet and Vinny, by anti-depressant overdose and exhaust fumes respectively, time is ticking down for both victims.

And Vinny was left on the barn floor telling Manpreet he doesn't want to die as she tried desperately to free herself from her bonds.

But as Emmerdale spoilers have revealed Meena is set to reverse the Dingles' van into the barn to off her victims with noxious fumes, fans think the van could be the key to their escape.

Taking to Facebook, one fan theorised: "I think maybe Vinnie and Manpreet save themselves. True they are tied up in the barn. Meena has backed the van into the barn and left the engine running so that, she hopes the exhaust fumes will kill them.

"I know Vinnie is hooked up to an alcohol drip, hence the tale she told him about driving whilst drunk etc etc. But if one of them gets free, and helps the other get free, Meena would have had to leave the key in the ignition for the engine to run.

"They get into the van and crash through the doors, which has Meena standing the other side of. Voila! Manpreet and Vinnie free, Meena seriously hurt on the other side and they escape to tell everyone what a murder spree Meena has been on!"

If true, this could lead to Meena finally facing her downfall at the hands of the authorities – or succumbing to her own injuries.

Someone else agreed: "I think Vinny and Manpreet do get free as Vinny was half free before she hooked him up so I think they will get out

"Liam will find the box as he’s digging up that part of his allotment he will know straight away.

"See, people like Meena relish in what they do and don’t care if they get caught in one way they relish the power."

Another followed up: "What a great theory – hope it happens!"

"Good thinking, you need a job as a scriptwriter," a fourth social media user penned.

It comes as Manpreet's final escape attempt failed; after securing Vinny's keys and snapping the cable ties around her wrists, Meena proceeded to fight her back to the floor and re-tie her bonds.

And it's beginning to look like there'll be no escape for Manpreet or Vinny.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7pm on ITV.

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