Emmerdale reveals more trauma ahead for Victoria

Emmerdale is lining up new trauma for Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) when her rapist Lee and his mother discover that she is pregnant with his baby. But will Wendy demand that her deplorable son gets access to his child as he continues to deny that he is guilty of assaulting Victoria.

After police broke the news that they had insufficient evidence to charge Lee for the rape, Victoria wanted to let things go but Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) went to see him at the car showroom. When he didn’t confess, they displayed posters branding him a rapist and Lee joins his mother Wendy in confronting Victoria as he has since lost his job.

Wendy initially approaches Victoria in the toilets at the Woolpack and brands her a liar, claiming that her son would never do anything like that. Victoria is so taken aback by her audacity in invading her personal space like this that she struggles to argue but Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) soon intervenes.

Later on, Wendy and Lee publicly confront Victoria again, unwilling to let the matter lie and as she seeks refuge in the Mill, they follow her. The argument continues and Victoria wants to escape the situation. But as she heads for the stairs, she stumbles and a panicked Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) blurts out that she hopes the unborn baby is okay.

As Wendy and Lee reel from the revelation that Victoria is pregnant, Diane feels awful and she has opened another whole can of worms for Victoria which means she may never shake off the haunting memory of what Lee did to her.

With stubborn Wendy clearly determined to stick around, could she launch a fight for Lee to be a part of his child’s life? And will Victoria have any power to stop them?

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