Emmerdale spoilers reveal explosive times for Mackenzie after shock return teases huge secret

Emmerdale characters Chloe Harris and Sarah Sugden have spent quite a few weeks M.I.A from the village, but fans will be delighted to know that the pair are back – and they’re bringing drama with them.

The women decided to take a hiatus from Yorkshire life after Sarah discovered that Mackenzie Boyd is the father of Chloe’s unborn baby.

In scenes due to air next week, Chloe and Sarah make their way back to Emmerdale amid the preparations for the upcoming nuptials of Mack and Charity Dingle.

Blissfully unaware that her husband-to-be has fathered someone else’s child, Charity – who has been going through some drama of her own – becomes flustered when her hen do venue is flooded, forcing her to find a new location.

While Moira Dingle helps out with the planning, Sarah and Chloe bump into Mack after arriving back on the scene.

Upon seeing the girls unexpectedly, he wants to know what’s going on and why they’re back.

However, Chloe reassures Mack and tells him that they’re only in town for a medical appointment.

She then tells him that she’s planning on moving to Scotland, which he’s relieved by as nobody will know his secret.

Meanwhile, Moira has organised a Stag and Hen do at the Hide, and Chloe ends up attending.

Mack is obviously on edge, and tells Chloe to leave, but she ignores his wishes.

Later on in the celebrations, things get even messier as Charity accidentally injures Chloe during a ferret race and Mack rushes to her aid.

Chloe’s sister Amy takes her to hospital, leaving Mack to calm down and not draw attention to himself.

However, it’s not long before the cat is let out of the bag, as Moira suspects something is going on between the duo.

After finding out the truth, Moira confronts Mack and despite his marriage to Charity, asks him to think about what it is he really wants – tying the knot, or becoming a father.

More drama follows as Charity finds out about the one night stand and the baby and is left distraught. All the while, it’s clear Mack can’t ignore the fact that Chloe is pregnant with his child.

Naturally, emotions are running high upon Chloe and Sarah’s return, plus the baby bombshell news right before Mack and Charity prepare for their big day.

Regardless of where his heart lies though, Mack can’t have both, so the real question is, what life for himself will he choose?

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