Endeavours Shaun Evans and Roger Allam praised for excellent finale

Endeavour finale sees Sgt Morse sat on a bench in a churchyard with a gun

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the Endeavour series finale

Endeavour recently wrapped up on ITV with the Inspector Morse prequel series reaching its natural conclusion. The show from writer Russell Lewis tied up most of the loose ends with Exuent while giving the young incarnation of the iconic detective (played by Shaun Evans) a fitting end. There was even a nice nod to Inspector Morse with the sleuth’s distinctive red Jaguar crossing paths with his younger self’s car as the baton was passed over.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, fan Christopher Sullivan shared his thoughts about the finale and hailed Evans and Fred Thursday actor Roger Allam.

He said: “Their performances were excellent as always. Both never put a foot wrong in the final episode or any episode for that matter.

“One couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the roles of young Endeavour and Thursday.”

Christopher, 63, said about the finale: “It was good and very emotional.

“It was a nice touch to have a Colin Dexter lookalike included in the scene when Endeavour hands over the book and leaves Blenheim.

“Without Colin there would be no Morse Universe and I certainly would not have met so many lovely people who love the Morse series as much as I do.”

Adding: “The passing of the two Jags was a lovely touch.”

However, he admitted he was unsure about Fred’s exit from the series with many fans previously predicting the detective would be killed off.

Instead, Fred was given a stay of execution by writer Lewis with his exit from the Morse universe explained by his murder of a biker gang member.

Fred had stabbed the young man to death to protect his son Sam Thursday (Jack Bannon) but would face the wrath of the gang if he was discovered to be the killer.

He realised he would need to make a getaway, going further afield than Carshalton and essentially disappear to avoid the vengeance of the bikers.

Endeavour knew he could never mention Fred out of fear his friend could face reprisals for the killing, which explained why the character was never name-checked in the original Inspector Morse series.

Christopher said: “I am still unsure if it was the correct decision. I personally believe it was out of character for Fred to kill.

“There were other solutions to protecting Sam other than killing the ‘hell’s angel.’

“But it did give a good reason as to why the older Morse never mentions the Thursday family.”

He also addressed the mysterious gun scene in the graveyard when it looked like Endeavour played Russian Roulette with the gun going off but viewers unable to see who the bullet hit.

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The blogger said: “That was a strange scene. We know that the young Endeavour can’t die so I can only assume it was supposed to be like a one gun salute to Fred.”

Christopher founded his Morse, Lewis and Endeavour blog back in 2014 and has been faithfully posting for the best part of a decade.

The blog was originally a way for the former ecological scientist from Edinburgh to celebrate Inspector Morse author Colin Dexter’s work and commemorate his legacy.

He said it was sad the show had come to an end and feared it was the last of the Morse universe given writer Dexter wrote in his will no one else would be allowed to play the detective after Evans in a bid to protect original actor John Thaw’s legacy.

However, he did say a Fred prequel could be the way forward for the franchise with the detective solving crimes in post-War London.

Endeavour is streaming on ITVX now

For more information about Christopher Sullivan’s blog, please visit morseandlewisandendeavour.com

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