'Eternals' Won't Play in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait

The film features a same-sex couple that may be the cause of the apparent ban

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Marvel’s “Eternals” is unlikely to open in the Middle Eastern countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, TheWrap has learned, though the exact reasons the film has been pulled remain unclear.

One of the Middle East’s largest exhibitors Vox Cinemas shows that “Eternals” is still listed as a “Coming Soon” title in regions like the United Arab Emirates but is quietly absent from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. Representatives for Vox Cinema did not immediately return a request for comment.

While it’s unclear whether the film was specifically banned or for what reason, THR reported Thursday that local censors in the region requested edits to the film that Disney declined to make. “Eternals” includes a same-sex couple, and previous Disney films such as Pixar’s “Onward” have also faced similar bans over LGBTQ content in Russia when it opened back in 2020.

Brian Tyree-Henry plays the character Phaston who shares an on-screen kiss with his husband and also lives in the suburbs of Chicago with a son. However, some Middle Eastern countries have been known to not play films for a variety of reasons including intimacy, violence or sexuality, among other reasons.

“Eternals” was meant to open in the region on November 11.

THR first reported the news.

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