Family Fortunes fans go wild as stunning brunette bombshell Stacey steals show

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Family Fortunes fans were stunned as player Stacey appeared on the show with her family to try and win some money, as they complimented her on her looks.

Smiley Stacey stole the show as she opted for a glamorous black dress for her stint on the show, and completed the look with natural but elegant make-up and let her curled locks fall over her shoulder.

Stacey's family, the Collards from Barry Island, went up against the Mitchells from Essex, as only family team could make it to the final to win the £30k jackpot prize.

They were also left gobsmacked as Stacey was revealed to be single as Gino D'ACampo grilled her family on her marital status.

As Stacey and her family tried to win some cash against the Mitchell family, viewers rushed to social media to comment her on her looks as she chatted to Gino.

One posted: "How is this Stacey single off @FamilyFortunes tonight????"

Another added: "Stacey is the most attractive woman on the show."

A third chipped in: "MARRY ME STACEY!"

A fourth agreed: "Wow Stacey."

The families had to answer survey questions such as the sexiest uniform and to name popular British tourist attractions.

Despite Stacey and the rest of her family giving it their best shot, they were pipped to the post by the Mitchells as they made it through to the final.

In the end, player Heidi scored 72 points, which meant her mum Christine needed to win 128 points to win £10k, which luckily they did as Christine pulled it out of the bag.

Meanwhile, viewers were also left praising Gino for his presenting as they rushed to social media to share their joy at him being the face of the show.

One posted: ""Love you on this show, you make it so entertaining."

Another added: "@Ginofantastico is on form tonight."

A third said: "There’s no doubt @Ginofantastico is brilliant on," while a fourth agreed: "I love you in Family Fortunes."

Family Fortunes airs on Sundays at 7pm on ITV.

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