Farrah Abraham's Instagram Followers Think She's 'Lost It' After Her Bottle Cap Challenge Video

From Jenelle Evans to Amber Portwood, there have been plenty of Teen Mom alums in the news for their personal family drama — but we can’t forget about Farrah Abraham, either. While she first made her debut on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, we watched her grow up and raise her daughter, Sophia Abraham, on Teen Mom OG. Farrah may no longer be part of the show now, but when she was, she made the biggest splash when it came to drama with her mother and the other members of the cast.

Now, Farrah has a huge social media following — and she posted a video that has fans disturbed and worried. Here’s what she posted to Instagram.

Farrah Abraham’s followers believe she’s not setting a good example for her child, Sophia

From the looks of Farrah’s public Instagram, it’s clear her followers are worried that she’s not making a good impression on Sophia. The famous mom has stated before that she wants Sophia to grow up to be independent and strong like herself, but many have noted it seems like the 10-year-old is missing out on pivotal childhood experiences.

Farrah even told In Touch Weekly that the reason she homeschools her daughter is so Sophia can attend more events and travel more often. “I decided to do that because, at school, I didn’t really want to make it about the bullying, dating, those things. It’s focusing more on her studies, traveling the world if she wants to do that while she is going to school,” Farrah said.

Not only that, but the mom even gifted her daughter her own boutique business (which is now closed) and has social media accounts for Sophia that she reportedly controls. Recently, Sophia was spending time at Farrah’s mother’s home, and fans were shocked to see the little girl doing everyday kid activities for once, too.

They think Farrah’s bottle cap challenge video is particularly disturbing

It’s not just Farrah’s parenting that has her followers concerned. The star recently took part in the social media bottle cap challenge. This challenge involves celebrities unscrewing a water bottle cap just enough so that they can try and kick the cap off without kicking over the bottle. It’s going viral (as these challenges tend to go during these summer months) — but many are worried about Farrah’s rendition.

In the video, Farrah frequently refers to herself as a “domestic goddess” as she attempts to roundhouse kick the cap off of a bottle of Windex. She also has several filters on the video, giving it a strange effect. And after missing kicking the cap several times, her behavior gets stranger and more erratic.

As one of her followers commented, “I think you now done lost it girl…. seek professional help [sic].” And another added, “This is disturbing to watch.” Others also commented that they believe Sophia was the one taping the whole event, which made it all even worse.

Farrah ignores the hate and still thinks she’s a good mother after all

Despite the negative commentary on nearly every single post from Farrah, she allows the comments to continue to flood her videos. According to her, the hate doesn’t bother her one bit. And she still maintains that she knows what’s best for Sophia and is an excellent mother. “I think I had, like, an epiphany this year that I actually am a really good mom. And I think it’s so important for parents to just give themselves a pat on the back,” Farrah told The Blast.

Unfortunately, many of her fans are worried about both Farrah and her daughter, and this bottle cap challenge video isn’t helping. Even Sophia has her own version of the challenge on her Instagram, and there are many comments showing their concerns here, too. No matter what Farrah’s followers think, we doubt she’ll ever change her ways, however.

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