Forced to make your case! Brandon Lewis empty-chaired as Tories refuse to appear on GMB

GMB: Brandon Lewis refuses to attend interview

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Good Morning Britain hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard have decided to empty chair Brandon Lewis after the Northern Ireland Secretary refused an invitation to appear and defend the Prime Minister. During an interview with Labour’s Lisa Nandy, the GMB hosts cut to a feed of the Conservative minister’s chair sitting empty in the studio.

Mr Shephard told Good Morning Britain viewers: “Unfortunately Brandon Lewis is doing the rounds on a number of other TV shows this morning, but he won’t come on Good Morning Britain for some reason.

“We did invite him.

Ms Garraway added: “He’s on Sky News, BBC Breakfast, Radio 4, LBC and did an interview with ITV News, and we just have an empty chair in Westminster.

Addressing the Tory Minister, she said: “Mr Lewis. It felt like it was left to me this morning to put the case for the government which I’m not sure is a position you’re comfortable in, let alone me.”

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Mr Shephard continued: “That chair is open Mr Lewis if you are around about this morning and you fancy popping by.”

‘They do a good brew at our studios, as well, so you could refresh yourself,” mocked his co-host.

“Apparently, he was too busy.”

“Lots of questions from our viewers that we’d like to put to you as lots of people would like to ask their questions. So if you feel like it, we’d love to have you,” stressed Mr Shephard. 

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It comes after the Prime Minister was forced to apologise for attending a ‘bring your own booze’ party at Downing Street in May 2020.

Mr Lewis has defended Mr Johnson and said the Prime Minister does not believe he broke Covid rules when he attended a Downing Street drinks party during the first lockdown

The Northern Ireland Secretary said people should wait for the report of the senior civil servant Sue Gray into what happened before reaching a judgment.

“The Prime Minister has outlined that he doesn’t believe that he has done anything outside the rules. If you look at what the investigation finds, people will be able to take their own view of that at the time,” he told Sky News.

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Mr Lewis played down reports that Chancellor Rishi Sunak had been lukewarm in his support for Mr Johnson.

“I have seen Rishi working with the Prime Minister.

“They work absolutely hand-in-hand. I know that Rishi has got support for the Prime Minister,” he said.

“What I have seen yesterday, and I have seen consistently through this, is the Cabinet have been completely joined-up, working together.”

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