Frankie Bridge treats Wayne and the kids to picnic in their garden which is so big it looks like a park – The Sun

FRANKIE Bridge treated Wayne and the kids to a picnic in their garden, which is so big it looks like a park.

The former Saturday singer, 31, is currently isolating with her ex-footballer husband, 39, and their two kids Parker and Carter in their Surrey home.

Making the most of the sunshine this bank holiday, the boys chose to have a picnic in their huge garden.

Frankie shared a photo of the whole family, with the two kids on deck chairs and the adults on the grass.

The singer has a pair of shades and Wayne poked his tongue out, while the kids eat sandwiches.

She captioned the image: "For lunch the boys requested a picnic in the garden… and I’m so pleased they did… We’ve had proper chats…

"Mainly about what animals we’d like to be … we’ve played games … and it’s been lovely … Parker did ask for his iPad within 5 minutes… but we managed to distract him"

Fans loved the family scene, with one person writing: "This lockdown has been great for families to slow down and spend quality time together"

Another added: "Great family pic and picnic! How Often do we have the time in our stupidly busy lives to do this important stuff with our kids? Well done!"

A third remarked: "With garden like this who needs a park"

Wayne and Frankie have been keeping themselves busy with viral TikTok challenges so far.

One of their latest challenges – Flip The Switch – saw the footballer and popstar swap clothes while dancing.

Frankie began in a low cut green shirt dress as she gyrated sexily for the camera, with Wayne in the background filming in a hoodie and orange beanie hat.

Cue the switch, and the ex-footie star could be seen working his hips in his wife's slinky dress and red lipstick while Frankie stood in the background wearing his clothes.

Posting the video on her Instagram page, she joked: "B**** stole my look … who wore it best?"

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