Gary's murder confession, Maria's sex shock and 8 more Corrie spoilers

Secrets can’t stay hidden forever and the net is starting to close in on Gary Windass (Mikey North) when his murder secrets come back to haunt him, leading to him making a shocking confession about Rana Habeeb – but is this the end of the line? As Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) finds himself an alibi, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) reckons that she has found out the truth.

Elsewhere, there are romantic mishaps as Maria Connor’s (Samia Longchambon) dating experiences go from bad to worse to downright bizarre. But when Ali Neeson (James Burrows) finally declares his interest, will she find luck in love at last? Meanwhile, there are misunderstandings elsewhere as Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) is convinced that Roy Cropper (David Neilson) has the hots for her.

10 Corrie spoilers

  • Nick finds an alibi to clear his name but the police are skeptical.
  • Eileen confronts Jan about his past.
  • Maria’s dating experiences go from bad to worse – until she shares a kiss with Ali.
  • Sarah tells Adam that she thinks Gary sabotaged the roof at Underworld.
  • When Roy moves in, Evelyn is convinced he is carrying a torch for her.
  • Beth sulks when the factory workers forfeit bonuses to pay for the rebuild.
  • Gary is taken in for questioning by the police.
  • Jan warns Seb that he is better leaving Alina alone.
  • Gemma secretly takes on more work behind Chesney’s back.
  • Gary tells Imran that he is responsible for Rana’s death.

Monday 15th July Part One

After Paula recognises Jan, Eileen is curious but Paula pretends that Eileen imagined it. Eileen later confides in Liz, who searches online for information about Jan and later, Eileen is shocked by what her friend discovers. When the electrics fail at the cafe, Ed tells Roy he has to vacate the premises.

Kelly demands to know where her dad Rick is and watches Gary from afar. Nick discovers himself in one of Beth’s photographs and insists to the police that he proves he couldn’t have sabotaged the factory roof. Audrey arranges a date for Maria but when she flirts with the wrong man, she is left himiliated.

Monday 15th July Part Two

Evelyn is less than impressed when Roy moves in, forcing her to share with Ruby. Peter and Carla move back into No.1. Jan returns and Liz makes herself so that Eileen can confront him over his past – but what will he say? Gary tells Kelly that Rick was a loan shark and has done a runner after he was busted by police.

Sarah confides in Adam about Nick’s alibi and when Carla reveals that Sarah’s phone wasn’t among the stolen ones and adds that she dreamt Gary went through her bag. Sarah tells Adam that she has a horrible feeling that Gary sabotaged the roof and Adam urges her to go to the police.

Emma urges Maria to check her dating app.

Wednesday 17th July Part One

Sarah is reluctant to go to the police about Gary but when she confronts him about the voicemail he left on her phone, he is evasive and her suspicions heighten. Sharon tracks Gary down and is unconvinced about his lies about Rick while Adam tells Imran his suspicions about Gary, who is taken in for questioning by the police.

Sarah tells the factory staff that they can forfeit their bonus to go towards rebuilding the factory but it divides the workers when Beth is not keen. Evelyn is annoyed when Ed tells Roy the cafe repairs will take a couple of weeks but Tyrone points out she can find somewhere else to live.

Maria fancies her latest date – until she finds out he still lives with his mother.

Wednesday 17th July Part Two

Beth sulks over the decision to forfeit the bonuses and she offers to sell her shares to Sean and then to Paul. Gary tries to remain calm as he is questioned by the police over the factory and his involvement with Rick. The knowledge that Sarah reported him to the police breaks him and when Kelly reports Rick missing, Gary fears this is the end.

Seb is told by Jan to leave Alina alone and then he threatens her to break any contact with Seb. Evelyn tells Tyrone that Roy clearly fancies her but Tyrone warns her to be nicer to him. The mother of Maria’s date invites herself along and Maria is forced to make her excuses and leave.

Friday 19th July Part One

Chesney shows Gemma his plans to extend the house but she is still convinced the place will be too small once the quads come along. Maria meets up with her latest internet date and he confides in her that he enjoys dressing up as a dog. As Maria is mortified, Ali is amused.

Imran reveals to Gary that he knows he is a suspect but he protests his innocence. Later, after Peter lunges at Gary, blaming him for destroying Carla and Kate’s lives, he is consumed by guilt and he tells Imran that he is responsible for Rana’s death. As Beth plans Sean and Paul against each other, Sally confronts her.

Evelyn accuses Larry of doing a botch job on Roy’s wiring but he fails to back her up.

Friday 19th July Part Two

Ali takes over a bottle of wine to Maria’s in order to apologise for making fun and the attraction between them is evident. Before long, they share a kiss. The factory staff agree to buy Beth’s shares and share them out equally among everyone, which she begrudgingly accepts after trying to auction them off.

Imran reels from Gary’s confession while Gemma persuades Evelyn to give her more shifts in the shop but asks her not to tell Chesney. Roy is worried when Evelyn tells him that she has sorted out Larry.

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