‘Hobbs and Shaw’ premiere halted after electrical sparks cause alarm; Rock reassures crowd

The celebrity-filled world premiere of “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw” was halted temporarily Saturday after electrical sparks erupted under the seats in the middle section of Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, raising alarm.

The stars of the film — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham — were sitting rows away, when audience members in row J jumped to their feet and began hurriedly making their way to the exits.

“There are sparks,” said one exiting audience member and confusion bordering on panic. The movie stopped and the house lights went up. Security scurried to investigate the source of the sparks under the seats.

While some attendees left the theater, there was no call for an evacuation. 

After a 20-minute delay, director David Leitch took the stage saying, “Alright, that was weird.”

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Leitch explained that water spilled into an electrical box that “caused sparking,” adding that it was “all going to be fine.”

Then Johnson, with his jacket off, took the stage.

“I’m staying, we’re all staying,” said Johnson smiling as he responded to a shout from the audience which made light of the scare.

“I do smell what the Rock is cooking, yes.” said Johnson. The crowd erupted in laughter.

“‘Hobbs and Shaw’ will continue tonight!” he said.

But Johnson couldn’t help but play up the onscreen rivalry between himself and co-star Statham. Before exiting to start the film, he gave one further Statham burn.

“I know there are members of the press here who will report this. When things started to seemingly go sideways and everyone was exiting this theater, just for the record, I stood right there and I waited,” said Johnson. “My security wanted me to leave, but I wanted to see that all the people were safe.”

“But Jason Statham ran his (butt) all the way out,” Johnson added. “Only kidding. Please enjoy the rest of ‘Hobbs and Shaw.'”

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