Holly Willoughby steps in as Lembit Opik and Angela Rayner clash

This Morning: Holly Willoughby shuts down Lembit Opik

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield invited deputy leader of the Labour Party Angela Rayner and former MP Lembit Opik onto This Morning. Opik, who is also a friend of Matt Hancock, defended the former health secretary’s decision to sign up to I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! while Rayner criticised the move. However, Willoughby was forced to step in when Opik made a claim about Rayner.

Opik argued that several MPs take part in activities that are not directly related to their role as a politician.

He pointed out Rayner’s recent stint on LBC which she defended as she was invited onto the radio station to discuss political matters. 

The former MP said: “Angela first of all you may have done LBC, there are 11 dresses in your declaration…”

Cutting in, Willoughby said: “I’m not sure you’re here to…,” before Schofield asked: “What did you say?’

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“I’ve no idea,” Willoughby replied as Opik continued to Rayner: “You haven’t got a 100 percent voting record yourself, no one has.

“Once again this is easy knocking him down stuff when it comes down to it he is the first politician in history in the jungle to be the main event.”

Interjecting, Rayner said: “Can I come back on that? Eleven dresses were donated to me by a company because of the misogynistic abuse that I face about what I wear in parliament. 

“Should I have just sent them back and said, ‘No thank you,’ I declared them because I didn’t ask for them, I didn’t request them, these people sent them to me because the women in the UK were disgusted by what these people had said about me because of what I chose to wear.

“That is not me going in the jungle, I didn’t ask for them. Let’s be very clear it didn’t take time out of my day to be an MP, I didn’t ask for that level of attention, I didn’t ask for those dresses to be sent to me but I transparently put them in my interest that someone had sent them to me.”

Willoughby remarked: “You don’t need to be here and defend yourself that’s not why you’re on here.”

Turning to Opik, she continued: “We were talking about you Lembit talking about your friend.

“In order to defend him you don’t need to trample on somebody else.

Opik replied: “I’m not having a go at Angela she’s perfectly entitled to have that.”

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This Morning viewers praised Willoughby for stepping in and scolding Opik.

@iambiancafh tweeted: “Well done @hollywills and @Schofe for stepping in for @AngelaRayner just now. Incredibly tasteless and low blow thrown at her. #everydaysexism #thismorning.”

@littlelady2004 wrote: “Who is this horrible man defending @MattHancock? Totally back tracked his abusive comment towards @AngelaRayner thus proving her point ! Regardless of political party, I love straight talking Angela. Good for her!  #ThisMorning @thismorning.”

“YES @hollywills. Didn’t lembit just show his true colours as a man  – never had an opinion on him before, I do now #ThisMorning,” @Smitheister added.

@_Charlie_Lfc observed: “#LembitOpik just made a right wally out of himself (not  for the first time!) #AngelaRayner #ThisMorning.”

“B****y hell, the way L*mbit O*ik tried to come for @AngelaRayner on #ThisMorning  Loved how quickly Holly took him to task on that dress comment,” @RyanJL praised. 

@Bethbobaggings added: “Ohhh it’s all getting heated! @ITV @thismorning #itv #itvthismorning #thismorning.”

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