How did Pudsey Bear become the mascot for Children In Need? – The Sun

PUDSEY Bear is the official mascot of BBC's Children In Need.

He's among the most recognisable bears in the country and he's back for the 2021 campaign.

Why did Pudsey Bear become the Children In Need mascot?

In 1985, Joanna Lane was working in the BBC's design department, where she was asked to revamp the Children In Need logo.

Speaking to the BBC about how she thought of the idea, Joanna said: "It was like a lightbulb moment for me.

"We were bouncing ideas off each other and I latched on to this idea of a teddy bear.

"I immediately realised there was a huge potential for a mascot beyond the 2D logo.

"It was very important to me that whatever we came up with was something that young children could relate to."

How did Pudsey get his name?

After explaining her idea of creating a unique teddy as a mascot of Children In Need to the production team, Joanna realised she'd have to name the bear too.

So, naturally, she looked back to her roots – the town of Pudsey in West Yorkshire.

She said: "I went to the production team and said, 'we need to name it'. So they turned around and said 'if you think it's important to name him, you do it'.

"It came from the heart – I looked to my own experience and named him in honour of my hometown and my grandparents."

In 2019, a female bear – Blush – was created as a friend for Pudsey.

Where can you buy Children in Need merchandise?

For your own Pudsey Bear gear, head to the official BBC Children in Need shop.

A percentage is displayed on each item indicating how much will go to Children In Need.

You can buy Pudsey ears, official T-shirts, face masks, pin badges and a travel cup.

You can, of course, also get hold of your own toy Pudsey bear, as well as cuddly versions of Pudsey's friend, Blush.

Pudsey clothes and other Children In Need gear is also available at George Asda, where at least 20 per cent of the product's price will benefit Children in Need.



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