How The Cast Of 'Big Little Lies' Really Feels About Meryl Streep

Big Little Lies Season 2 is back for another drama filled episode this evening and we can hardly contain ourselves. The show, which follows five mothers in the charming city of Monterrey, California, has been an instant HBO hit since it’s inception. With such an outstanding first season, many fans were apprehensive when HBO announced that it was coming back for a second season. However, most people’s fears were assuaged when it was announced that Hollywood legend, Meryl Streep, would be joining the cast of season 2. But just how is the cast adjusting to Streep’s involvement in the show, and how do they really feel about the A-List actress?

Citing Big Little Lies as “the best thing on television” the 70-year-old joined the cast without even reading a script. Her character of Mary Louise (which is actually Streep’s legal name) has added a level of humor and horror to the show that we never could have fathomed. But how are the original stars of the show coping with her joining the project? It seems that they are all thrilled to have Streep on-board. All of the series regulars have gushed about Streep and the opportunity to work with a living legend. Let’s take a look at some of the things they’ve said about the three-time Academy Award winner.

Reese Witherspoon

Though Resse Witherspoon and Streep may trade jabs onscreen, off-screen Witherspoon has nothing but kind things to say about Streep. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Witherspoon gushed about Streep’s endless humility and amazing personality. Calling Streep a “legend”, she admitted that she had to go into another room to calm herself down prior to shooting her first scene with Streep. Giving herself a much-needed pep talk, Witherspoon told herself this mantra, “Calm down. She’s just a person. She’s just a human being” before she was able to start filming.

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Nicole Kidman

Referring to Streep as “the queen” and “the great one”, Kidman could hardly contain her excitement when she learned that Streep was joining the cast. She shared her joy with her fans on Instagram showing a picture of the pair embracing in a heart-wrenching scene from Season 2. Kidman told ET Online that Streep is completely dedicated to her craft. “She raises the bar. She loves to work. She shows up, she’s ready, she’s curious, she’s so transparent in the sense that she brings the emotions and she brings this weight of her ability and also her life” Kidman gushed.

Shailene Woodley

The youngest member of the main cast, Shailene Woodley views Streep as something of a superhero. She confessed that Streep not only knows her lines but every other person’s lines in the script. She also went on Ellen and spoke about how working with Streep is an incredible learning opportunity for her. “So good. She’s so good. It’s like a master class in acting when you’re working with her because you’re trying to learn and be present at the same time” the 27-year-old admitted.

Laura Dern

Big Little Lies might be the first time Laura Dern had the opportunity to work with Streep, but it certainly won’t be the last time. The pair are both working on a new adaptation of Little Women and Dern has called the opportunity to work with Streep on multiple projects a dream come true. But despite her excitement, even she is not immune to getting a little bit star struck even though she’s known Streep for a few years. “I never once felt intimidated until they called, “Action.” And then I was like, ‘Oh, wow, OK, that’s Meryl Streep’” Dern recounted of her time filming with Streep.

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Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz, who is the star of the show who started her acting career most recently, is completely inspired by Streep’s passion and commitment to acting. “Her love of storytelling and her love of the craft…it’s inspiring to see someone who’s been doing it for so long and so well still hungry to do more” Kravitz reflected on Streep, calling the experience to work with her even better than she could have imagined.

Season 3

It seems that the cast of Big Little Lies Season 2 is as excited to have Streep on board as we are. Though we’re sad that there probably won’t be a third season to continue relishing in all of Streep’s glory, we will certainly be soaking up all of her immense talents for the rest of season 2. One thing that’s for sure is that Mary Louise is bound to shake things up and we certainly have not seen the last of her.

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