I worry I wont wake up Miriam Margolyes opens up on ageing health concerns Miserable

Miriam Margolyes discusses ageing with Alan Cumming

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Miriam Margolyes, 80, and Alan Cumming’s, 56, campervan adventure around Scotland had Channel 4 viewers in stitches. As well as providing fans with some comedy gold moments, the actors also revealed their vulnerable sides on the show. During their travels, Miriam opened up to Alan about her concerns over ageing which often leave her feeling “miserable”. 

Miriam and Alan reconnect with their Scottish heritage in the three-part series Miriam And Alan: Lost In Scotland. 

The British-Australian actress’ father was a Glaswegian immigrant and Alan was born in Perthshire, Scotland. 

During the series, the duo revisited the streets where Alan grew up and they also tried to find out if Alan was related to Cawdor aristocrats. 

The first chapter of the Channel 4 show had many light-hearted moments, but it later took a sombre turn when Miriam shared her fears over ageing with Alan. 

While sitting in camping chairs having a warm drink Alan told the actress: “You certainly have a young energy, I mean you are certain to have some fuddy-duddy ideas.” 

Miriam burst into laughter and replied: “Well I am not an idiot.

“The problem about ageing is that nobody told me that it was going to happen. 

“You are supposed to find out yourself and you do, and it’s bloody awful.” 

The BAFTA-winning actress continued: “It’s horrible not being able to run for a bus.”

She added: “At night I think, will I wake up in the morning? And then I do.” 

Alan, who looked concerned by Miriam’s response, asked the actress if she felt that way every night, and she explained she did. 

“I do, every night it the night I think maybe tonight is the night I won’t wake up,” Miriam explained. 

Alan asked how that makes her feel, to which she replied: “Miserable, but then in the morning I wake up so I am all right again.” 

Miriam memorably portrayed Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter film franchise, while Alan played Bond villain Boris Grishenko in GoldenEye. 

During their series together Alan also opened up to Miriam about his traumatic childhood in Scotland. 

As they both walked into his childhood shed, he confessed: “This is where my father would come out here with sheep shears in this shed.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through such horrible things,” a shocked Miriam replied as she tried to offer him some comfort about his troubled relationship with his father. 

While the couple delved into some hard-hitting topics, they spent the majority of their adventure laughing their way around the countryside. 

They even enjoyed singing along to the likes of Lady Gaga on their road trip which left viewers in hysterics. 

Miriam and Alan: Lost in Scotland is now available to watch on All 4. 

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