I'm A Celeb campmates will be lashed with rain and biting wind ALL WEEK – amid howling 50mph gales

THE I'm A Celebrity campmates will be lashed with rain and biting wind ALL WEEK – as the gales are set to reach 50mph.

The famous faces had to swap the sweltering heat of the Australian jungle for freezing cold Wales this year due to travel restrictions.

But with it being winter at Gwrych Castle, the weather is terrible- with rain nearly all week.

According to the BBC, today, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be covered in rain.

Only Tuesday will they have some reprieve, as there's only a chance of light rain.

This comes as I'm A Celebrity bosses made emergency plans as storms threatened to plunge the show into chaos.

Producers had prepared for poor Welsh weather in November but on Saturday were battling conditions “far worse than anticipated”.

The camp at Gwrych Castle is already being battered by driving rain and 50mph winds — with more forecast later this week.

A temporary canopy erected over the main site proved to be insufficient as filming began.

Further back-up plans hurriedly drawn up include a separate place to relocate the celebrities if the weather gets too intense.

A show source said: “We knew it could be wet, but hadn’t really planned for anything like this.

“The crew don’t even want to leave their cabins. It’s completely bleak and we’re having to step up our contingency plans.

“Now, if things start to become too much to cope with, there is a place off camera where they can temporarily move the celebrities if filming just becomes impossible.

“The first week is forecast to be absolutely bleak so it wouldn’t be surprising if they need to put some of these plans in place.

“It’s already clear the canopy over the camp is going to struggle to keep the elements out, and a lot of the trials and other parts of the show are due to be shot outside anyway so the campmates are going to get completely soaked.

“They’ve been given seriously heavy-duty clothing and waterproofs, but there is no desire for any of them to get sick so no major risks will be taken.

If needed they will be temporarily taken out of camp to dry off and shelter. It has already been enough of a challenge to get to this point this year, we don’t need any more challenges.”

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