I’m A Celebrity contestants pictured competing in terrifying first task ahead of launch show

The I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestants have been pictured completing their first terrifying task.

The celebs have been seen suspended above an abandoned quarry taking part in the Walk The Plank task.

Celebrities taking part in the task include Snoochie Shy, Louise Minchin, Naughty Boy and Danny Miller while dressed in neon orange jackets and helmets.

Presenters Ant and Dec were at the challenge as well as Ant took his phone out to take snaps of the huge drop while giggling.

Naughty Boy and Danny Miller's efforts in the task ended with the both of them dangling from their ropes as the platform gave way from underneath them.

It seems that the celebs were transported to the site of the challenge by helicopter.

This year will be set in the Welsh Gwrych Castle for the second year in a row as a result of coronavirus restrictions.

However, this year could be even more challenging for the celebs as they won't have beds raised from the ground this time, meaning they just have to sleep on the floor.

It's also been rumoured that the contestants will be forced to shower in the dark with freezing water.

Executive director Olly Nash revealed there will be a total of 24 trials in this year's series as well as more celebs taking part in them than ever before.

The Metro reported that he said: "They’re in for longer, the trials are bigger. The trials were quite limited last year but this year they’re much closer to the Australian series in terms of their scale."

"It’s just the learnings of having one series here and what’s possible."

It's thought that classic challenges will be making a return as well including Celebrity Cyclone, eating trials and Viper Vault.

This series will go on for three weeks, even longer than last year along with five unlucky celebs being sent to 'The Clink' which is a rival camp where they will spend the first few days in hellish living conditions.

A whole of celebs are due to take part in the show including broadcaster Richard Madeley, The Saturdays' Frankie Bridge, Olympian Matty Lee and choreographer Arlene Phillips.

I'm A Celeb creative director Tom Gould told Mail Online: "Our celebrities on their journey into the castle will be facing a series of head-to-head battles and the result of those will determine which five celebrities win access to the main camp and which five celebrities will spend their first few days of castle life in The Clink, which is not somewhere you would want to end up."

Richard Madeley is one of the celebs taking part in the show but thankfully he didn't have to do the first challenge.

He recently revealed that he has a fear of heights.

He told The Sun: "Last year they did a bit more abseiling. It's going to be a lot more dramatic than that.

"I don't have any particular phobias, but I'm not that comfortable with heights ever since I was a child. When I was eight we went up to St Paul's Cathedral and I just froze."

The broadcaster went on to mention that he had to be carried down the stairs after his ordeal as a child but his fear is one of the reasons why he's taking part in the show.

He said he is dreading a challenge with height involved but at the same time he wants to overcome his fear.

He added: "I almost want it to be something with a tremendous height so if I can face up to it and do it successfully, I'll feel so much better about that part of myself. I want to conquer it."

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