I'm A Celebrity crew are wearing electronic tags to ensure they social distance to keep the show on air

I'M A Celebrity crew members are wearing electronic tags to keep socially distanced and ensure the show remains on air.

ITV bosses have introduced the safety devices to limit the chances of a Covid crisis taking place behind the scenes.

Electronic proximity detectors that light up and buzz when people are within two metres of each other have been supplied to the show by Clearview Intelligence.

The clever tags also immediately log any incidents when they occur for a fast and efficient track-and-trace solution.

ITV Studios’ Director of Entertainment Richard Cowles, explained: "The crew on I'm A Celebrity all wear proximity monitors that alert them when they are less than two metres away from each other, that way they can step back and safely social distance. 

"We want to do everything we can to create the safest workplace for crew, cast and our hosts."

Nick Lanigan, Managing Director of Clearview Intelligence added: “These tags are an essential tool in supporting staff to work safely in any environment.

“ITV Studios recognises that it makes sense from a health and safety and business continuity perspective to use the tags and help keep their staff safe.”

Much of the editing will be done remotely in London to limit the number of people on site and further reduce the risk.

Cameras have also been remotely mapped out around the castle to keep the human interaction at a minimum.

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