Inside Bill Baileys life – real name, brutal TV show snub and co-worker wife

Bill Bailey is turning 57 and to celebrate his milestone we are taking a look at some quirky parts of his personal life.

The comedian was the 2020 winner of Strictly Come Dancing and is well-known for panelling on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Though the star has been on the celebrity sphere for years after he first started out performing stand-up on the circuit in the '80s.

He then went on to lad various comedy shows before securing his own TV series on the BBC in 1998 called – Is It Bill Bailey?

But let's take a look at a few more interesting elements of his life…

Name change

Somerset-born Bill was raised in Bath was actually named Mark at birth by his parents.

During his Strictly stint, Bill revealed his birth name which shocked fans and explained how he got his nickname.

He was given the name Bill by his geography teacher at school because of the classic tune.

He explained: "My name is Mark Bailey but when I was at school, my geography teacher, who knew this song, started calling me Bill Bailey.

"I was nicknamed Bill Bailey and I've been Bill Bailey ever since – because of this song!"

He liked it that much he adopted it and chose it as his stage name.

Show snub

Last year, Bill revealed that he was snubbed by one of the show's he infamously starred in for years.

In 2021, show bosses brought back Never Mind The Buzzcocks however Bill did not get the call about the reboot, despite being a team captain on the show for six years.

In July, it was announced that the beloved comedy series was being rebooted on channel Sky and NOW.

But this time around, Noel Fielding and This Country’s Daisy May Cooper served as the new team captains.

When asked whether he’d been offered to return by Radio Times, the comedian said: "No, I wasn’t. Or maybe I was and I missed the email! Perhaps I was learning the Charleston that week."

He added: "I guess they want a new intake. I don’t mind. I did more than 100 shows, so I think I got my fix of Buzzcocks."

Humble home life

Bill has been married to his former costume designer wife Kristen since 1998.

The couple first met at one of his gigs back in 1987 and she now manages her husband's business affairs.

Bill was immediately attracted to her "wild spirit" and they dated for ten years before spontaneously deciding to tie the knot while gallivanting around Asia.

They share one son, Dax, 17, and all live together in his impressive London abode.

The comic revealed the inspiration behind his son's unique name to the Guardian, with him saying: "The name came from a friend of ours who married an Indonesian man.

"They had a son called Dax and we just always associated it with being in Indonesia and always said, 'If ever we have a child, that'll be in the running.'"

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