Its hard Our Great Yorkshire Lifes Peter Wright struggles with anniversary surprise

Our Great Yorkshire Life: Peter Wright makes a fry up for wife

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Our Great Yorkshire Life’s Peter Wright returned to screens on Thursday night for a particularly romantic instalment of the Channel 5 programme. Peter, who has also starred on The Yorkshire Vet, was celebrating his 35th wedding anniversary with his beloved wife Lin during the episode. He took her on a trip to one of their favourite Yorkshire villages to mark the occasion, following a rather stressful morning trying to impress her.

Peter and Lin first met back in 1984 at a party and they have been loved up ever since.

The veterinarian wanted to show Lin he could still be romantic during the most recent instalment of Our Great Yorkshire Life.

However, the first treat he had in store for Lin proved more difficult than he’d anticipated.

Peter decided to make a traditional Yorkshire fry up complete with crispy bacon, baked beans and fried eggs.

But he soon learned it was hard to keep track of everything on the hob and in the oven.

He said: “I can see why they say that men are not able to multitask.

“I’m understanding that now because it’s hard to watch everything at once.”

As he was trying to cook two eggs they started sticking to the frying pan, so Peter fumed: “Oh no, I thought these things were non-stick.”

Before he’d been able to finish the fry up, Lin came downstairs and asked him if he was getting on OK in the kitchen.

“Fine dear, I am sure you said you liked your egg yolks broken,” he quipped.

An understanding Lin replied: “Of course I do, this is such a nice treat. I will leave you to it.”

Peter served the breakfast al fresco in the sunshine with a pot of Yorkshire tea, and Lin told her husband she was very impressed.

The couple reminisced about their relationship before Peter continued pulling out all the stops to make up for all the wedding anniversaries he’s missed due to his work commitments.

Later on in the episode, the vet took his wife for a romantic day out in a scenic Yorkshire town called Knaresborough.

The couple explored the historic market town’s ancient walkways, cobbled alleys, independent shops and pubs during their visit there.

They also hired a rowing boat by the town’s famous 24-metre high viaduct which was constructed in 1851.

As Peter started rowing, they talked about when he proposed on Valentine’s Day three decades ago before popping a bottle of bubbly.

Lin said: “It was on Valentine’s Day which was very romantic, but a ring didn’t appear for some time did it?”

Peter replied: “Well it couldn’t, no, because we were skint.”

It was revealed that Peter gave Lin a choice of an engagement ring or an automatic washing machine.

She joked: “I thought to myself, ‘If that’s all he’s offering to pay for an engagement ring, I’ll take the washer thank you.”

Our Great Yorkshire Life continues next Thursday at 8pm on Channel 5. 

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