Jeremy Hunt’s daughter brands budget meeting ‘a pantomime’

Jeremy Hunt said his daughter said budget meeting was ‘a pantomime’

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Jeremy Hunt was in parliament this week to set out the latest budget for 2023. The budget outlined the help for childcare and the hope to bring taxes down after the cost of living crisis. After the serious conversation, Hunt admitted his daughter attended parliament with him and expressed she felt she was in a “pantomime”.

Willoughby asked: “Did your kids go to watch you yesterday whilst you were delivering the budget?”

Hunt explained: “They did and for my daughter, it was actually her first time ever in parliament.

“I said ‘what did you make of it?’ and she said ‘daddy, it was a pantomime wasn’t it’, sometimes kids tell you the truth don’t they.”

Willoughby and Schofield laughed at the comment and teased: “Many have said the same before.”

During their conversation with Hunt, Schofield touched on the short time the previous chancellors have spent in the position.

He asked: “How do we know that you have a handle on this?”

Hunt reassured: “Well look, there is always a bit of a pantomime element with the exchanges in parliament.

“But what I was really saying is that in the short time, I have been chancellor I have become very optimistic about our future as a country.

“If you look at the industries that are changing our lives, like technology and the internet, in the last decade we have become the third biggest tech economy in the world after China and America.”

Schofield interrupted and explained: “I appreciate that but nevertheless, yesterday was a massive strike day, so there may be these other industries creeping in.

“But we are going to do childcare, we are going to do NHS, but people who look after our children, people who look after us, we beat pans for them, they’re on strike.

“These are the things that people want to talk about.”

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The new childcare package will see working families in England having access to 30 hours of free childcare per week for children aged between nine months and four years old, where all adults in the household work at least 16 hours.

The policy had previously only applied to the parents of three and four-year-olds.

But the scheme will not come in until 2024, and the proposed start date could fall after the next general election.

Hunt defended his plans, saying: “This is the biggest transformation in childcare in my lifetime.

“It’s a huge change and we are going to need thousands more nurseries, thousands more schools offering provisions they don’t currently offer, thousands more childminders.

“We are going as fast as we can to get the supply in the market to expand.”

The offer of free childcare for working parents will be available to those with two-year-olds from April 2024, covering around half a million parents, but it will initially be limited to 15 hours.

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