Joe-Warren Plant says he’s getting stronger to try the Dancing On Ice headbanger

Emmerdale actor Joe-Warren Plant is spending more time in the gym working on his strength in a bid to try out the dangerous "headbanger" move on Dancing On Ice.

The 18-year-old soap star doesn't quite have the power to swing his pro-partner Vanessa Bauer, 24, by her ankles as her head descends towards the ice as the pair circle around – but he's certainly working on it.

Joe, who is a self-confessed "adrenaline junkie," is eager to give the death-defying manoeuvre a go but knows he has a way to go yet before he can even attempt the risky move.

When discussing his weaknesses, Joe said: "I wouldn't say I'm particularly strong so that's something to work on before trying a headbanger!"

While Joe is aware he'll need to build up some strength, he insisted that other lifts didn't seem to be an issue for him, however, his balance had caused him a few issues.

He went on: "And my balance isn't always brilliant but I’m unfazed by taking on all the lifts."

When it comes to being prepared to take on any menacing move, Joe feels he may have the edge over other contestants because of his age.

The TV star explained: "I think my age. With me being 18 I probably have less of a fear factor. Just felt like a good time to go for it."

Joe also wasn't phased by the fake tan and sequins and was actually looking forward to getting dressed up each week for the live shows.

"I love all that aspect. I did a bit of theatre some time ago, I played Oliver and I loved it.

"Getting dressed up in the costumes is all part of the fun and I’m looking forward to it," he explained.

Meanwhile, Joe recently made headlines when the rumour mill was sent into overdrive after he moved out of the home he shared with his girlfriend of three years, Nicole Hadlow.

A source told The Sun: "Joe has been staying at his mum's place in Blackpool after moving out but of course he still has training commitments because the show will be starting very soon."

At the time, Daily Star contacted Joe's reps for comment.

His skate partner, Vanessa Bauer, has remained single ever since last January when she parted ways from cruise ship dancer Louis Nathaniel.

Dancing On Ice returns to screens on January 17 on ITV.

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