Kate Garraway speaks out on husband’s ‘worrying downs’ as GMB star gives vital update

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Kate, 53, sat alongside Susanna Reid, 49, on Thursday’s edition of Good Morning Britain to host the show. To begin the ITV programme, the latter asked her co-host and Derek’s wife how her spouse was doing in hospital as he remains in a coma after being diagnosed with coronavirus in March. The mother-of-two explained her spouse is in a “stable” condition, but he’s not completely out of the woods yet as there are still signs of “worrying downs”.

Giving an update on her 53-year-old husband and herself, Kate began: “I’m doing okay, thank you. Laura [Tobin] arranged for me to have a massage on Tuesday evening.

“Everyone’s on board with the supporting Kate thing. I’m very lucky,” she said, before moving on to Derek’s condition.

“The problem is I feel like I’m boring everyone to death, really, because it ends up with the same thing which is stable.

“But, actually, in-between when I’m not talking to you, there are big ups and big downs,” the presenter directly told viewers.

“Not big ups, small improvements and some worrying downs as well. But the last few days have been pretty stable so keeping everything crossed, really.”

“It’s tough and very hard,” the presenter continued as she began to talk about the restrictions of visiting her husband.

“You understand why hospitals have to do it – they have to protect those inside who may be recovering from COVID or lots of other serious conditions.

“But to do that, they have to decrease footfall. [Daughter] Darcy hasn’t been able to see Derek, his mum and dad haven’t been able to see Derek for a long, long time now.

“The fact they live in Lancashire and that might go into Tier Two will have an effect and that will be very tough for them to argue the case to go and visit if they’re in one of those areas with his cases.”

It is difficult

Kate Garraway

“It is difficult,” she concluded and viewers took to social media to share their thoughts and support for the mother-of-two.

One wrote on Twitter: “Kate you need to talk about your Derek more often. So many people think they are invincible and do not believe or want to believe how serious this situation is- think of your situation all the time – keep strong Kate.”

Another added: “Never think you bore us Kate, we love you and I for one, am always wanting Derek updates. You continue to be an inspiration with your courage and strength. Glad you have a loving support group.”

Whilst a third commented: “You are just amazing Kate. One of the most strong inspiring ladies I know! Never say your boring us, never! We all love you so much. Big hugs Kate.”


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