Little Women: LA exclusive: Tonya fails at trying to apologize to Christy at Jasmine’s vow renewal

Little Women: LA, the Kinetic Content-produced hit, is back on Lifetime after a midseason break — and finally we get to see Tonya and Christy face-to-face after that shocking pool incident.

The women are at Jasmine Sorge’s vow renewal, the only place Christy will even consider being near Tonya when she tries to apologize for what she did.

For those who may not remember, at Jasmine’s bachelorette party prior to her vow renewal (where she wasn’t actually a bachelorette), Christy and Tonya got into a heated argument.

Christy was angry at Tonya for telling Jasmine that she wouldn’t be at the vow renewal. As the two argued, they ended up next to the pool and as the argument got more intense, Tonya reached out and pushed Christy in.

It turns out that Christy was able to make the vow renewal after all. However, the last person she wanted to talk to was Tonya.

“I wanted to talk to you cuz you wasn’t returning my calls,” Tonya says to Christy. “I wanted to apologize for the incident that happened.”

“Girl, I am really fuming,” Christy said, clearly not ready to accept Tonya’s apology. She explains that this is Jasmine’s vow renewal and it’s not the time or place for any of this. Then again, her bachelorette party clearly wasn’t the time either. Hopefully, there’s no pool at this venue!

Clearly irritated and even a little bit sick, Christy tells Tonya that she’s sick because she was pushed in the pool. She’s coughing and even complains of an ear infection.

When Tonya balks over Christy’s claims of illness, the already-failed apology goes downhill with lightning speed. Check out the Little Women: LA sneak peek to see how Christy reacts when Tonya tries to apologize for the pool incident.

Little Women: LA airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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