Lorraine viewers in hysterics over the bizarre way Stacey Solomon organises her crisps

LORRAINE viewers were left in hysterics over the unconventional way Stacey Solomon organises her crisps.

The Loose Women presenter, 31, is loved by a legion of fans for her organising hacks and 'Tap to Tidy' tricks.

But the bizarre way she organises her bags of crisps sent viewers west this morning.

"The reason I love organising stuff is because I love having fun, and the most fun thing to hang up in my opinion is crisps!" she said in a special segment on Lorraine.

"You just clip them on and line them up and it's like your very own vending machine… like a wardrobe of crisps!

"It honestly brings me joy, my crisps will be hung until the day I die."

Viewers rushed to Twitter to share their mixed reaction to Stacey's use of a curtain rail and shower curtain rings with clips to hang up her crisp packets.

She clips each individual packet to the rings before looping them on to the rail.

"Prefer my cupboards thanks, at least they've got food in them and I know exactly what I've got and where it is @StaceySolomon," one viewer tweeted.

"Three kitchen cupboards cleaned out and fridge too so far today. I'll never be as good as @StaceySolomon but decluttering is definitely good for the head!!" another added.

"Loving the top tips from @StaceySolomon, I've even invested in vacuum bags! But I draw the line at hanging my b****y crisps up like a set of curtains!" a third tweeted.

The hack is one of the many tricks Stacey has shared with her followers in recent months.

She previously revealed that keeping things in order at home helps keep her mind “occupied” when she’s feeling overwhelmed.

Responding to one fan about how she deals with anxiety, Stacey revealed: “I get it all the time. I think that’s why I like to organise and do little bits and pieces that really keep my mind occupied.

"Whenever I am organising a drawer it completely takes my mind off anxiety and anything else that’s worrying me.”

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