Love Island 2019: A game of Blankety Blank makes Molly protest way too much…

Hmmm. We’re at the point (episode 21) whereby Casa Amour is required.

Like, immediately. Tonight’s whole “danger zone” chat was something of a snorefest, and any opportunity for Arabella to spout off about something she feels she knows everything about is to be avoided.

Why? Because – as Amber said – there’s zero lols.

Over the last few days, I’ve been at pains to point out how much less of Curtis and Amy we’ve been seeing. Well, I should’ve kept the trap shut… to say there was much gushing is an understatement.

Discussing just how perfect they are for each other, Amy witters to Molly-Mae “I don’t want to wish my life away because I’m really grateful for this experience but now I’m like, I want to get out now and start living our life together. My Godsons are going to utterly adore him… Hopefully, the Godson who is only one, will always know us as Auntie Amz and Curtis.”

Yep, talking kids already.


Maura should peer from afar more, that way she can see Tom ogling Arabella and Lucy’s downward dog more clearly. Or she could just talk to Anna, because Jordan’s just told her that the model’s not that into her. Jordan told Anna in confidence, so naturally, Anna went straight to Maura with her findings – and proper order.

Tom’s a muppet, he deserves to be outed.

To be fair to Anna, she was very diplomatic and referred to Tom’s “cringe” comment as “he asked Jordan for advice on your compatibility.”

Do you think dressing it up matters to Maura? That would be a resounding yes.

By way of response, Maura said; “Why is he asking Jordan for advice on that when it’s such early days, we are still getting to know each other… So obviously he is writing it off before we get to know each other… It’s the fact that he’s not once ever said it to me.”

To be fair, you’re not going to tell someone you’ve just started bunking up with that you find them cringe, now are you? You’re just hoping to power through.


Naaaw, you’d almost feel bad for Molly-Mae. There she is, madly in love with Tommy (since Maura joined the Villa), and no one believes it.

Well, Anton doesn’t – and that’s an understatement. After today’s ‘Online Buzz’ challenge, Molly-Mae was dodging blanks in the form of viewers’ tweets, some of which went thusly…

“What BLANK said about Molly playing a game was bang on”.

The blank in question was Anton.

Then the blanks in “BLANK and BLANK are meant to be, look at them” was – wait for it – Tommy and Lucy.

And just when everyone thought it couldn’t get any more awks, this was dropped: “Nah BLANK deserves more than BLANK she doesn’t like him, she likes 50k”. Yep, Tommy and Molly-Mae…

The result? Molly was “left speechless”.

Anton wasn’t though – he proceeded to say; “So, do you think if you were voted out tomorrow, she’d leave with you, yeah?”

Seemingly in a bid to get an answer, Curtis took it upon himself to have an episode of the verbals in Molly’s direction, saying… Actually, wait, maybe go grab a cup of tea… you may be here for a while.

You back? Settled? “Refreshifised”?

OK, Curtis said: “What’s come up in the challenge is unexpected. I felt, ever since the start, you came in and you were going between three guys so you could understand why people felt [that] because I thought you were as well…

“I have no doubts whatsoever but then I have heard a couple of things so I thought I’d ask you… Tommy truly really likes you, Tommy really does so now I’m just going to be talking as a friend of Tommy’s, if anything is ever going to happen please just be truthful with him because he will be able to live with that, just don’t go behind his back.”

Indeed, Curtis. Indeed. The pot’s over there, by the by.


• If I hear the word “connection” ONE. MORE. TIME

• Sorry now, but those relentless Nasty Gal and BBold ads are really starting to do my nut in. “BEWM”

• Lucie and Tommy… Never say never. Or “something like that.”

• Not every girl has their wedding planned out “apart from the husband.” Just saying. Some of us have other stuff going on.

• Everyone needs a Maura to say; “Stop caring. You are amazing, you are unique and there are so many jealous people out there. If everyone liked you, it would be weird.”



While the UK is merrily voting away for their favourite couple, we Irish have to twiddle our thumbs because we’ve been denied the right to vote…

Anyway, one can assume our UK counterparts are going to vote Danny and Arabella out tomorrow night. Zero lols.

Love Island continues Sunday on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.

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