Love Island 2019: ‘Really?’ Belle Hassan leaves viewers in turmoil with remark

The blonde beauty is a newcomer to Love Island having been brought in as one of six new girls.

Tonight saw the new girls get to know the guys while the original girls got closer to the new boys over at Casa Amor on the ITV contest.

Some had to get intimate pretty quickly as they had to play “Sexy Charades”.

But before the games began, Belle had a pressing question to ask.

Did I just hear that right

Love Island viewer

She could be heard asking her fellow Islanders: “What is charades?”

Many viewers were completely stunned that Belle wasn’t familiar with the party game and took to Twitter to comment on what she had said.

“Did Belle just ask “What is charades?” #loveisland,” one asked.

Another added: “One of the new girls just asked ‘What is charades?’ Maybe they could act it out for her #LoveIsland.”

“What is charades uno?! Oh dear…do you wanna just take a nap and come back in an hour? #LoveIsland,” a third jested.

A fourth shared: “Did I just hear that right.. someone asked ‘what is charades?’ #LoveIsland #areyoujoking.”

“Surely I’m not the only one who just heard one of the new girls ask “what’s charades?” #loveisland,” a fifth mused as a sixth tweeted: “What is charades?” Really?! #LoveIsland.”

While a sixth questioned: “What’s charades? R u ok hun? #LoveIsland.”

Belle quickly made it known to Anton Danyluk that she was interested by asking to share a bed with him.

And viewers saw Anton get the most action he’s seen in the villa so far as she set about stroking his head and back with her nails.

Belle asked him if he wanted her to stop, but Anton assured her that he didn’t as he put the covers up over his head.

But will the pair couple up or will their attentions be drawn elsewhere?

Meanwhile in the villa, Michael Griffiths is causing a stir with his actions as it looks as though he could be set to split from Amber Gill.

Tonight’s instalment saw Michael get to know Joanna Chimonides and he confessed to Danny Williams that he may be having doubts about Amber.

Although he avoided sleeping in the same bed as Joanna the first night, he assured her they would be having a “sleepover” the next night.

However, Amber’s head doesn’t appear to be turning in Casa Amor. Could she be dumped as Michael moves on?

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.

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