Love Island's Anna Vakili reveals she's getting breast reduction surgery next week after coronavirus battle

LOVE Island's Anna Vakili has revealed she is getting breast reduction surgery next week.

The reality star has recently recovered from contracting coronavirus and updated her fans on her next move.

Anna, 30, posted a photo of skinade MD post-care and pre-care, which is designed to improve aesthetic surgical results and speed up recovery time.

She took to her Instagram story and wrote: "Taking this before and after my breast reduction surgery next week," along with a thumbs up emoji.

Anna also mentioned how she is feeling about the new lockdown and is unhappy with her weight.

Sporting a grey hoodie, Anna, who opted for the all natural look, shared: "Guys just a little update, I'm totally symptom-free now so I can go for walks now."

The 2019 Love Island contestant added: "I feel really s**t about this lockdown and I weighed myself this morning and everyone always says 'you look good, you should be happy' but I'm not and that's the main thing, I'm not happy and I've put on a ridiculous amount of weight.

"From today I just want this lockdown to be a healthy one and I want to get to the best version of myself."

The pharmacist also provided an update on her parents who also contracted coronavirus.

"Mum is much much better, and Dad has been much better the past day or two, as in he's not bed-bound anymore, which is great," she shared.

Anna's sister Mandy also caught the virus, but appears to have recovered as Anna posted another video to her Instagram story of the pair walking together.

Last month Anna said she feared her dad was dead after he collapsed on Boxing Day due to the coronavirus.

She described the illness as "the worst she has ever had" and told The Sun Online: "It’s so weird because the first day he got symptoms he was jumping up and down and dancing, and I thought I’m so glad he hasn’t really been affected – it was Christmas Eve I think.

"Suddenly the next day, boom. It hits you and all day he was in bed.

"Then on Boxing Day he must have got up to go to the toilet, and he collapsed and hit his head on the floor – it was the scariest moment of my life!" Anna continued. I thought he had died."

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