Love Island’s Caroline Flack teases last-minute filming session late at night

Caroline Flack sent Love Island viewers into a frenzy of speculation last night, after she revealed she had been called to a surprise filming session by the show's producers.

And with Casa Amour already looking set to bust the villa's fragile dynamic wide open, the Flackster teased yet another unexpected twist on her Instagram .

It seems that not even Caroline herself was in on this particular change in play, as she had sat down to enjoy a beer in the sun just moments before.

Posing in a mustard yellow sundress, Flack was the epitome of chill as she posted: "Sometimes you wanna post a inspirational quote … other times you just want to find a pint of beer as big as your head … I know . You are welcome."

But things didn't stay relaxed for long, as the presenter was seen looking camera0ready in a polka dot dress walking to set a short time later.

Speaking to her followers later that day, she said: "So I put myself down for a little siesta and set myself down for dinner, and my Love Island pager went off.

"Um. And I've been summoned to do some filming, some late night filming. That's what happens on the island of love, always on call."

She joked: "Like a doctor or a fireman, I don't really have a Love Island pager. Just a producer who calls me up."

Despite the brevity of the clip, there has been some speculation that another shock re-coupling could come earlier than expected.

From teasers so far, Casa Amor is certainly living up to its name with the original girls quickly falling under the spell of the hunky new arrivals.

Anna shared a cheeky snog with new boy Ovie, while an unsuspecting Jordan Hames was left back at the main villa.

Audiences were also thrilled to see Maura Higgins get a kiss at last, after drama with Tom Walker led to him being booted from the Villa.

Meanwhile a cheeky Michael Griffiths doesn't look to be missing Amber Gill too much, as he was seen cosying up to a female arrival, but fans seem convinced not all is as it appears.

J.G tweeted: "Okay so let's be clear we all know Michael is not cheating. They are definitely playing some kind of game. I aint falling for it #LoveIsland."

Despite the girls' efforts to catch out the Love Island boys back at the villa, it seems everyone is content with breaking the rules.

It's not yet clear why exactly the presenter has been called, one thing is certain, it's never a good sign when the Flack rears her stylish head.

*Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2, with a special recap episode tonight

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