Love Island's Laura Whitmore says she wishes she had the confidence to get 'naked in public' like the show's stars

LOVE Island host Laura Whitmore has revealed she could never be a contestant on the show because she hates showing off her body.

The presenter insisted she would never want to be naked in front of anyone other than her husband, Iain Stirling, 33, who narrates all the action on the ITV2 contest.

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She said: “Someone asked me if I’d have ever gone on Love Island when I was younger and I remember saying: ‘I wish I had that confidence. I don’t have the confidence to be in a bikini 24 hours a day.’

“I was too self conscious about my body, my skin – everything. I wish I was comfortable enough to be naked in public.”

Laura, who comes from Dublin in Ireland says her views stem from her childhood but becoming a mum earlier this year has changed some of her shyness.

Speaking on The Russell Kane podcast, she said: “I’ve always been body conscious, I went to a convent and got taught sex education by a nun so no wonder I’m quite prudish, so that’s my background.

“But when you’re pregnant, if you go into hospital and have a baby – you will show anyone your v****a when you’re in there. You just lose all sense of caring.

“Nudists beaches, not for me. Get me into a hospital when there’s something wrong with me, I’m like ‘take a look at this rash. Is this normal? Look down there. Is that so not probably ok?’

“I don’t give a s**t in that situation.”

Laura also revealed she likes to spend quite a lot of time in the loo – something which has caused her problems in the past.

She said: “I think people always thought I had a drug problem – I’ve never touched a drug in my life – but when I go to the toilet, I am doing correspondence.

“If someone else is coming in there, I’m like ‘you’re distracting me, I’m writing this email”

Love Island is on ITV2 at 9pm.

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