Married At First Sight UK’s Alexis turns on Megan again after kiss betrayal

Married At First Sight UK has viewers on the edge of their seat with the drama, and it looks like Thursday's episode will be exciting as an angry Alexis is seen shouting at Megan.

Alexis Economou, 28, was married to Jordon Mundell, 27, when it was revealed at the commitment ceremony that Jordon and Megan had kissed after the dinner party.

There was a shock for the couples when Alexis then returned to the show with Ant Poole instead.

At the end of Wednesday night's commitment ceremony show, there was a preview of tomorrow's programme.

The boys and girls were sent off on separate days out.

A voiceover is heard saying that Alexis "opens old wounds."

She raises her voice at Megan, shouting across a picnic table: "I did not give you no go ahead to go and kiss my husband," as Megan yells "yes you did!"

Megan defended herself, answering: "It was your idea!"

Alexis lashed out: "No it wasn't! You are p****** me off" as Megan said "Oh my god."

The other girls all sit awkwardly in between the two rowing women.

Elsewhere in the clip, spiritual Amy Christophers is seen waving sage around, saying "Let's get rid of that negative energy."

It doesn't seem like that will last though, as Morag Crichton is seen sharing a secret as Amy cringes.

Fans aren't given everything, as it teases: "I'm really sorry, and I didn't want to bring it up…"

"I didn't want to make you paranoid, however…" as the camera pans to Amy, who appears to swear.

The drama has been high on the show, with Amy having doubts about her husband, and Megan and Bob having to build things up from scratch.

Viewers will have to wait until 9pm tomorrow on E4 to find out what happens.

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