Montana Brown thinks Love Island is way more 'bitchy' this year

Montana Brown served up some Love Island realness after Tuesday’s ‘bitchy’ series five episode, saying she remembered things to be a lot tamer.

The Love Island 2017 star claims the hardest thing about her year was trying to ‘fart without the mic picking it up’ and to be honest, total nightmare.

But Love Island devotees think she might be forgetting a few things about series three, including her fight with Olivia Attwood and when she called out Tyla Carr for being ‘fake’.

Nevertheless, Montana tweeted on Tuesday night: ‘It’s too bitchy in there, all I remember was eating cereal, slapping the girls’ arses and trying to get away with farting without my mic picking it up…😏 #LoveIsIand.’

She was no doubt commenting on the nasty chit-chat between Amber Gill and Anna Vakili about Arabella Chi kissing Danny Williams straight after their ride-or-die Yewande Biala’s exit.

But Love Island fans have a much better memory than Montana may think and resurrected just a few of their favourite ‘bitchy’ moments from series three.

‘Loool let’s not even start when Olivia was shouting at you,’ one fan said. ‘Georgia picking Amber and that whole drama and then Tyla coming in and Theo, Jonny having beef lool let’s not even go there.’

Another fan said: ‘Series 3 cast appear to be rewriting history this evening alright.’

One other fan argued: ‘You were bitching non-stop towards the end tho, this tweet is amnesia at work.’

Montana’s Twitter commentary of the 2019 series has already had fans up in arms earlier this month.

Often vocal about bullying, mental health awareness and being kinder to one another, Montana seemed to eat her words when she said she thought single boy Anton Danyluk was ‘ugly’.

Hey, we’re all allowed to have opinions and not everyone is going to be her cup of tea, but fans were a little confused by her sentiment.

‘He’s ugly,’ she said in the interview with Heat magazine. ‘He is so overly-preened, it’s not manly at all.’

It comes not long after Montana gave an impassioned speech outside North London Coroner’s Court following an inquest into the death of her close friend Mike Thalassitis, who also starred in the 2017 series of Love Island.

Fans had a few concerns about ‘double standards’ asking: ‘How can Montanna publicly call Anton ugly when she preaches about mental health all the time and her close friend Mike took his life?’

Another asked Montana to ‘watch her words’ as they added that saying such a thing was ‘unnecessarily nasty’: ‘We’re all well aware of the effect of words on mental health. She should know to be kinder.’

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