Next season 2 release date: Will there be another series?

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Science fiction series Next recently premiered on FOX in America. The Black Mirror-esque series imagines a piece of artificial intelligence which has gone rogue and is trying to kill humans. Some viewers have been intrigued by the series and are curious to know if there will be more series.

Will there be another series of Next on FOX?

Next only debuted on FOX in America on October 6 and so it’s too early to say at this stage.

The American broadcaster is going to be looking closely at the ratings before making any sort of decision, but this will be the key measure behind any renewals.

Should Next prove popular, it could get recommissioned sooner rather than later but it’s too premature right now. will update this article when more information is available about season two.

When will Next season 2 be released?

Season one started in October 2020 after the launch was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Should season two get the greenlight, the series could be coming out at some point in 2021.

Season two is likely to consist of another 10 episodes which will air weekly.

Next doesn’t have a British broadcaster yet, but it could be on Sky and NOW TV going by other shows from the American network such as Prodigal Son.

Season one is likely to starting airing in the UK once broadcast on the entire series has finished Stateside.

This means season two is going to be coming to the UK much later and after American audiences would have watched it.

Who is in the cast of Next season 2?

This is tricky to predict but barring any major deaths, season two could see Mad Men star John Slattery reprising his role as tech guru Paul LeBlanc.

Joining him may be Fernanda Andrade as FBI agent Shea Salazar, who with LeBlanc is looking into the threat posed by AI Next.

Ozark’s Jason Butler Harner could be returning as Ted LeBlanc, Paul’s brother who took over as CEO from him and restarted the Next programme against his sibling’s wishes.

Michael Moseley of Scrubs fame could be back as FBI hacker CM, who is also investigating Next.

Other cast members who could be back include Gerardo Celasco as Ty Salazar, Eve Harlow as Gina, Aaron Moten as Ben, Evan Whitten as Ethan Salazar and Elizabeth Cappuccino as Abby.

Season two could also see new cast members joining the show as the world of Next grows and more characters come into play.

Is there a trailer for Next season 2?

As season one hasn’t even finished airing, let alone got the green light, there’s nothing to go on.

The show is likely to drop any teasers or promos once filming starts on another outing.

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What will happen in Next season 2?

Again, this is difficult to say as the show has just starting airing and could go off in many different directions.

Season two would follow on from the first outing with major twists and turns expected to hit audiences towards the end.

Viewers will learn more about Next and its capabilities as well as its motives as the show continues.

There could also be some major deaths as Next is out to get those trying to shut it down.

Next season 1 airs on FOX in America on Tuesdays at 9/8c

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