Nicky edges closer to turning on Caleb and their plan against Kim in Emmerdale

When Caleb Milligan (William Ash) arrived in Emmerdale at Christmas last year there were two things on his agenda. Number one, the official one if you will, was to reconnect with his brother Cain (Jeff Hordley) and meet his sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and the rest of the Dingle family.

Number two was his secret agenda. He’s only half Dingle and his other half is Tate, as he’s the son of the late Frank. Caleb blames Kim Tate (Claire King) for Frank’s death and is out to destroy her by getting his hands on the whole of the Tate empire.

Caleb isn’t alone in this scheme, of course, as Nicky (Lewis Cope), the ever-smiling nanny who came to work at Home Farm was quickly revealed to be Caleb’s secret son. Nicky’s part of the plot was to win the heart of the lovely Gabby (Rosie Bentham) as well as to be Caleb’s eyes and ears at Home Farm when he isn’t there.

Recently it’s becoming more and more clear that Nicky isn’t happy with this role and he’s repeatedly questioned Caleb’s assumption that Kim caused Frank Tate’s death. He’s hating every minute of having to pretend to be in love with Gabby and was horrified when the date of their wedding was set for November, knowing there was no quick end to his torture.

It’s not just that Nicky dislikes Gabby – which he does. He is actually gay and a rekindled romance with a man called Ally (Josh Horrocks) has been getting serious as the two men have said they love each other.

In Tuesday (May 16)’s episode Nicky had another go at persuading his dad to drop the entire scheme, as Caleb started to focus on getting Cain and Moira (Natalie J. Robb) to sell some land to Kim as part of his plan. He questioned whether it was worth alienating Cain and Chas for this.

‘You’re lying to them. You’re betraying them. Money can’t make up for that,’ he said.

Nicky then revealed that he’s sad that he can’t get to know the Dingles – who are biologically his family as much as Caleb’s. Caleb said in good time he’d get to know them but Nicky was more realistic.

‘They’ll hate me from the off,’ he predicted, knowing that Cain, Moira and Chas wouldn’t be easily won over after the truth came out. ‘This stuff about Frank is all in the past,’ he insisted. ‘What’s the point in stirring it all up now?’

Caleb wasn’t to be swayed. It was a matter of a ‘few million quid,’ he said, urging Nicky to stick with the plan and do his job.

But with Nicky looking every day like he’s closer to giving up altogether, is Caleb running out of time?

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