Original Singer of The NeverEnding Story Theme Has Never Seen Stranger Things — But Will Now

The third season of Stranger Things has introduced an entirely new generation to some classic 1980s music — and one artist couldn’t be happier about it.

The hit Netflix series used film The NeverEnding Story‘s theme song in the final episode of season 3 when Dustin Henderson — played by Gaten Matarazzo — sings the tune to his girlfriend Suzie, portrayed by Gabriella Pizzolo. The theme song has seen a huge spike in streams and has been highly sought after by Stranger Things fans ever since, YouTube and Spotify report, according to Entertainment Weekly.

YouTube reported an 800 percent increase in terms of daily views in the United States on July 6, according to EW. Likewise, Spotify confirmed to EW that streams of the song spiked 825 percent on Sunday.

“My God! It’s been very exciting to hear about all the new interest in the song,” British pop singer Limahl, who sang the song for the 1984 film, told EW. “Thirty-five years later, it’s reaching a whole new audience — it’s fantastic.”

The 60-year-old has yet to watch the series himself but admitted that his nephews, Max and Josh, called him immediately after hearing their uncle’s song playing during the finale.

“They were so excited. Josh said, ‘Oh my God uncle, they’re using your song in Stranger Things. I love that show!’ They’re both big fans of the show and it’s been so much fun watching their enthusiasm over the whole thing,” Limahl added.

Although Limahl, whose real name is Christopher Hamill, hasn’t seen Stranger Things, he has seen the scene featuring the NeverEnding Story song and wholeheartedly approves.

“I have seen the clip when the two characters perform the song and I was very touched,” he revealed. “I didn’t know the show was so big, obviously I’m going to watch it now. This song seems to have gotten everybody really excited. I’m so happy that 35 years later, I’m still around to be able to enjoy this.”

Limahl’s music has seen a bit of a revival due to Netflix using his popular ’80s tunes, with his 1983 hit song “Too Shy” also playing in an episode of the streaming service’s Black Mirror series.

“I had no idea they were going to use the [NeverEnding Story] song because I had nothing to do with the licensing,” he told the outlet. “When Netflix used ‘Too Shy’ at Christmas in their Black Mirror series, it was also a total surprise to me. It would be a full-time job to keep track of when our songs are licensed until they end up a part of pop culture in some way and we find out.”

Season three of Stranger Things is now available to stream on Netflix.

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