Owain Wyn Evans ‘rendered speechless’ in icy BBC show before Carol Kirkwood ‘sacked’ claim

Owain Wyn Evans does the weather with feet in ice bucket

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The Welsh weather reporter, 37, has amassed a large following since his BBC Breakfast debut earlier this year. Fans flocked to Twitter to call on the corporation with the request to “see more of him, please”. Another remarked that the show was “worth watching for him”. 

Some have speculated that Owain could be the successor for Carol after she insulted a BBC output producer on-air earlier this week. 

The 58-year-old Scottish weather forecaster told BBC Breakfast fans she “would probably be sacked” following a spirited TV debate.

It came after Naga Munchetty claimed the BBC boss told her there was “no weather” to report on.

Carol defiantly fired back: “There is always weather. There is always going to be something… so I don’t think he’s right!”

The remark was noticed by BBC Breakfast viewers, who have up to 10 million people tuning in each week.

While the BBC has not announced any plans to replace Carol currently, it’s clear Owain’s fans would be delighted if he took the top job.

On Twitter, fans claimed to understand the weather better because of him, including one who said: “Thanks for the explanation.

“I really had absolutely no idea what that meant before.”

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A second described him as a “breath of fresh (if chilly) air” and a third claimed he was Carol’s “heir apparent”.

Owain currently presents weather forecasts for the BBC’s North West Tonight during the weekdays and some weekend slots on BBC Breakfast. 

He started presenting aged 18 on the Welsh children’s news show Ffeil before working his way up through the weather reporting ranks. 

Despite his confidence on screen – he is often described as the “happy, happy weatherman” online – he nearly blew his first audition.


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He knocked over a jug of water and swore during his screen test – but he claimed it helped him to “relax” in a WalesOnline article.

Owain’s fans continue to petition the corporation to give him a bigger role and tagged the BBC and BBC Breakfast’s official Twitter accounts online.

Carol previously stated she would “never give up the weather” in a 2018 Radio Times article and claimed she would “hang on by my fingernails” if asked to leave.

Owain and the veteran meteorologist appear to be friends and have featured together in several photographs on Twitter.

He drew attention this week on North West Tonight, when he presented the weather report in an unusual way.

The broadcaster tweeted about the experience where he “exposed” his “dainty legs on the telly” while his feet were “submerged in ICE!”

He carried out the #IceFoot92 challenge in support of the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association.

During the weather report, Owain winced and moaned about how cold he was while delivering the meteorological news.

Owain Wyn Evans plays BBC theme tune on the drums

After plunging his feet into the ice bucket, he yelled: “Woah, it really does take your breath away, doesn’t it! Oh my gosh!”

Owain tried to distract himself by informing viewers about the weather before the chilly conditions distracted him.

He said: “There are not many things that have rendered me speechless but this is one of those things! Gosh, it’s very uncomfortable!”

During the broadcast, he regularly checked in with his BBC colleague Rich to find out: “How long have we got left?”

Owain added: “This is awful. I hear it gets better when you stay still.” 

Ironically, the presenter told viewers that the northwest of England was facing “sleet or snow” and “close to freezing temperatures” as he yelled out in pain.

He said: “It’s so cold… this is so horrible, this is so horrible… Oh my gosh, Rich! How are we doing for time darling?”

Owain sighed a breath of relief when he realised there were only 20 seconds and then five seconds of the challenge remaining. 

Shortly before the countdown ended, he said: “It’s very hard to speak when you’re submerged in ice darlings!”

Once his time was up – shown by a hand clenching a thumbs-up emerged in front of the camera – Owain shrieked with glee.

He said: “Oh rejoice darlings, rejoice! Oh my gosh, that was awful, that was awful.” 

Owain Wyn Evans stars on BBC Breakfast, which airs at 6am on BBC One.

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