Piers Morgan slams monster ISIS bride Shamima Begum for snivelling interview

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Shamima Begum has appeared on today's edition of Good Morning Britain, making several bold claims in her first live interview.

Anchors Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley were left completely speechless during the bombshell interview, Shamima claimed she had no idea that ISIS were an international terrorist organisation.

London-born Shamima stated she had no desire to become a terrorist and believed she was "doing the right thing" when she made the decision to leave Bethnal Green, east London and marry an ISIS terrorist in Syria.

"I didn't know there was a war," she said in a bold statement while discussing terrorist attacks carried out by the group.

Former Good Morning Britain anchor Piers Morgan has hit out on Twitter, he said: "Just as well I'm not interviewing this lying, snivelling, cold-hearted, self-serving ISIS bride monster or I’d have seriously lost my temper by now.

"Begum should never be allowed back to Britain. Let her rot in the terror bed she made for herself."

During her first televised interview, the 22-year-old claimed she had been groomed by members of ISIS, telling Richard and Susanna: "I think yes, I was groomed and taken advantage of and manipulated into coming."

She continued: "I thought it was an Islamic community that I was joining.

"I was being fed a lot of information on the internet by people in ISIS telling me I need to come because I can’t be a good Muslim in the UK."

Discussing her decision to join the group as an ISIS bride, Shamima said: "I made a mistake at a very young age, most young people don't know what they want to do with their lives.

"I know it's very hard for the British people to try and forgive me."

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