Power season 6: Have Ghost’s final words revealed his killer? Did you spot this clue?

With only two more episodes to go, the tension in the Power fandom is palpable with the truth about who shot James “Ghost” St Patrick (played by Omari Hardwick) coming out soon. At the start of the midseason premiere, there were seven suspects with another name getting ruled out each week. There are now just three names still in the frame and some fans think they’ve worked out who pulled the trigger on the gangster.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Power season 6

In the latest instalment of Power, Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) arrived at Truth nightclub to discover his brother in arms Ghost bleeding heavily after being shot.

Tommy wanted to get help and also take revenge on the person who’d murdered his best friend.

However, Ghost seemed to discourage his friend from making a move in retaliation.

With his dying words, Ghost told Tommy: “Let it go.” He seemed to say the sentiment again but it sounded like: “Let her go.”


  • Power season 6: Fans rage as show ’drags’ who shot Ghost plot

While the subtitles on Netflix clearly state: “Let it go”, this hasn’t stopped some fans from speculating on whether Ghost hinted at the identity of his killer.

Some people think this points squarely at Tasha St Patrick (Naturi Naughton), who has been trying to escape her husband for some time.

She also knows Ghost murdered her lover Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon), who was her potential chance for happiness and a life away from him.

Tasha has spoken about taking out Ghost for a while but has never followed through.

So, it would fit with Tasha being the one holding the gun because she has motive and means. Additionally, she’s among the line-up.

There’s been a second theory emerging, suggesting its Ramona Garrity (Cynthia Addai) who could have shot Ghost.

She seemed to have the measure of the man with Ramona and Ghost knowing the power and ambition of one another.

The theory suggests Ramona was Terry’s sister and out for revenge against Ghost, taking him down for going after her family.

Additionally, some people think Ramona being the killer would work well and could be a double bluff on the part of Power showrunner Courtney Kemp who has previously suggested the person will be one of the seven suspects.

Either way, the truth will come out very soon with the forthcoming episode focusing on Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate), who calls on Tasha to take down Ghost.

A promo for the episode called Reversal of Fortune sees him urging Tasha on and telling her she’s the only one who can do it.

The trailer compounds the “let her go” theory further as it suggests her guilt as Tate’s hitmen try to assassinate Ghost but ultimately fail.


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  • Power season 6: Paz ‘revealed’ as Ghost’s shooter in final episodes?

The season six finale has reportedly been leaked and reveals who killed Ghost.

An unverified clip showed up online with some fans fuming at the footage.

However, some have theorised the clip could be one of the multiple endings filmed by the crew.

Also, executive producer 50 Cent seemed to cause further confusion after sharing a clip of Tasha holding a gun.

Power season 6 airs weekly on Starz on Sundays in the US and on Netflix UK on Mondays

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