'RHOBH': Dorit Kemsley's Husband PK Claps Back After Camille Grammer Questions His Finances

PK Kemsley isn’t one to take an insult lying down. The husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley fired back after Camille Grammer questioned the couple’s finances on the June 25 episode of the Bravo series. 

Why Camille Grammer is wondering about PK’s financial situation

During a dinner attended by Grammer, Kemsley, and some of the other RHOBH cast members, the subject of the Kemsley’s finances came up. After bringing up PK’s 2008 bankruptcy, Grammer proceeded to claim that Dorit’s husband of owed “ a lot of money” to someone she knew. She also suggested that the businessman was hiding the truth about his financial situation from his wife. 

“It seems like there are things that maybe PK hasn’t been so open about in their financial situation,” Grammer said in her confessional for the June 25 episode. “I don’t want to say something because maybe she doesn’t know what’s going on. Or maybe her husband’s not telling her everything.”

Grammer’s accusation comes on the heels of several lawsuits against the couple, including one where a man named Nico Kirzis is claiming Kemsley owes him $1.2 million.

PK says he’s doing just fine 


Unsurprisingly, Kemsley took issue with Grammer’s accusation that he wasn’t on sound financial footing. He responded to the flood of fan questions about his career and finances in an Instagram post. 

“I create. I take risks. I live my passion. I am an entrepreneur,” read the image he shared, which was captioned, “In answer to the multiple questions about what I do …. this is what I do ….”

Kyle Richards’s husband Mauricio Umansky chimed in to support his friend, commenting, “And you do it well” on the post.

Kemsley also shared a meme that appeared to be a direct message to Grammer: “Keep talking sh*t, you are making me famous!” Indeed. 

But what does Kemsley actually do for a living? Well, the owner of Nixxi Entertainment manages the career of ‘80s pop icon (and frequent Kemsley houseguest) Boy George, for one. He’s also set to produce an upcoming biopic based on the life of the “Karma Chameleon” singer.  

Dorit stood up for her husband 

Dorit Kemsley was also quick to defend her husband from Grammer’s insults. The 42-year-old swimsuit designer was adamant that her hubby wasn’t in debt to any of Grammer’s friends. 

“PK doesn’t owe any of your friends any money, sweetheart,” Kemsley said in her confessional. 

“I’ve seen Camille talk out of both sides of her mouth, but this Camille, she’s downright vicious and mean,” she added. 

When Grammer tried to pass off her comments as coming from a place of concern for a friend, Kemsley didn’t buy it. “You’re a little snake,” she said to Grammer. “That’s what you are.” 

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