'RHOBH' Reunion Preview: Camille Grammer Claims Kyle Richards Dissed LVP's Breath Off-Camera

Kyle calls the statement “a f–king low blow,” before Erika Jayne calls out Andy Cohen over another question.

Part 2 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 9 reunion looks like it’ll be as intense as the first.

In one of two preview clips released after Tuesday’s episode, Camille Grammer accused Kyle Richards of saying Lisa Vanderpump had bad breath off camera, which infuriated Kyle.

All season long, the ladies have called Camille out for being two-faced with Vanderpump, saying one thing to her face and to the press, and something else behind her back.

"Here’s what happens," Kyle said in the first clip, addressing Camille. "When we’re together, you will say things like, ‘I know who Lisa is, she’s done this to me, she’s done that.’ And when you’re not with us, you’re like, ‘Lisa, I feel so bad with what you’re going through.’"

"Can I feel both? I can feel both," Camille fired back, but as Dorit Kemsley pointed out, "Not if they contradict one another."

"You’ve got to have conviction," Kyle continued. "Okay, my conviction is I felt terrible that her brother passed away," Camille said, eliciting groans from everyone else.

"What human wouldn’t?!" Kyle fired back. That’s when Teddi Mellencamp blurted out, "But you can still say she has terrible breath and her gums are receding?!" Those were only some of the comments Camille made behind LVP’s back on the show.

"That was a joke, and you all laughed! And you all laughed!" Camille shouted, aggressively leaning forward. "And you [pointing at Kyle] continued with the conversation and said, ‘Yes, don’t get me into it, but she’s always had bad breath.’"

As Kyle shook her head no and fumbled for the right words to say, Camille continued, "Yes, you have! That is bullshit! You’ve talked about that off camera with me!"

Kyle was stunned. "Camille, that’s such a f–king low blow," she hurled across the couch. "We’ve all said things privately about each other. I would never out you! If I did right now, it would be a very bad situation. I don’t do that!"

Camille then accused everyone of talking poorly behind their cast mates’ backs, which no one denied. Kyle’s point was that they don’t then bring up those conversations in front of cameras. She also wanted Camille to understand that the "two independent thoughts" she claimed to have in regard to Vanderpump were contradictory to one another and therefore painted her in an untrustworthy light.

In a separate clip, Erika Jayne snapped at Andy Cohen over his usual "What work have you had done?" probing. It’s no mystery the Housewives love their Botox and boob jobs, but Erika was sick and tired of being asked about it.

After Andy brought up Vanderpump’s mean-spirited joke about how Dorit’s had a "head transplant," he asked Dorit to clarify what real cosmetic procedures she’s undergone.

"I hate it when people say, ‘What work have you had done?’" Erika interrupted. "What work have you have done? And I think she should answer it, but at the same time, it’s just kinda rude."

Andy explained, "I think since ‘The Housewives’ has begun, one of the tropes, I think, that is common among every city and every franchise is women chasing the fountain of youth and trying to look better and look great."

Erika and Lisa Rinna, who were seated next to each other, simultaneously shouted, "But what’s wrong with that?!"

Andy maintained there was "nothing wrong with it," but Erika felt there was something wrong with it "when you are judged for it."

"This is how I choose to live my life. However I choose to alter my body or present myself…" Erika explained, before Andy interrupted, "But where is the judgement?"

"From others!" Erika shot back.

Andy turned his sights back to Dorit, who visibly appreciated what Erika had done for her. She was "very happy" to reveal she’s had "a little Botox and filler," nothing else. No face lift, no nose job. "Makeup can do wonders," she insisted.

When Andy brought up the idea that LVP’s been "very open" about the work she’s had done, the group let out a collective laugh. "Reeeeeally?" Dorit asked.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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