RuPaul’s Drag Race UK fans concerned as Gemma Collins looks ‘bored’ on show

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RuPaul's Drag Race UK fans have been left concerned by Gemma Collins after her appearance on this week's episode of the popular BBC show.

The self-confessed diva sat alongside regular judge Michelle Visage as a contestant on the Snatch Game, which saw the remaining queens impersonate celebrities to try and win a Ru Peter badge.

However a number of viewers were left seriously underwhelmed by Gemma, as she wasn't her normal, louder than life self – which she affectionately refers to as The GC.

One person tweeted: "Gemma Collins looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp in this. She hates it."

Another joked: "Gemma''s impression of The GC was the worst one."

A third said: "Why does Gemma Collins look like she's been forced to attend? What's with all the awkward laughing and clearly pre-rehearsed lines?"

Another concerned viewer wondered: "Is Gemma Collins sedated?"

A fifth said: "Gemma Collins looks like she's gonna fire her agent for booking her on this."

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While someone else added: "Gemma not even trying to hide how absolutely bored off her t**s she is during Snatch Game."

However others were loving having the diva on the show, after it had been teased last week.

"Gemma Collins on the Snatch Game is TV gold," one excited fan wrote.

Another said: "I very much appreciate that my TV licence money is going towards Gemma Collins explaining what a b***end is to RuPaul on BBC3."

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A third wrote: "Gemma Collins looks f***ing stunning."

And someone else added: "The only reason I woke up today was for Snatch Game and Gemma Collins."

On the episode, Bimini Bon Boulash impersonated Katie Price and impressed RuPaul so much that they were crowned the winner of the week.

However the same couldn't be said for Tia Kofi, who decided to go for Spice Girl icon Mel B.

She found herself in the dreaded lipsync against comedy queen Lawrence Chaney, who had impersonated Miriam Margolyes.

Lawrence – who had won three challenges in a row before Snatch Game – was saved, meaning Tia was sent home.

However it looked like she might have made Ru change her mind though, as she asked: "Are you sure?" when her elimination was announced.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK airs on BBC iPlayer, with new episodes added Thursdays at 7pm

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