Saira Khan unveils gory scar as bandages are removed following surgery on fractured ankle

SAIRA Khan has revealed her gory scar following surgery on her fractured ankle.

The former Loose Women panellist warned "look away if you are squeamish" as she filmed a nurse removing her bloodied bandages.

Saira, 50, added: " Just getting ready for my cast. Check out that scar!!"

Her followers rallied around her as one said: "Can’t believe you been walking on this. Hope it all mends quickly and well💖👍xx"

Another wrote: "How on earth were you managing to walk let alone exercise…big hugs 🤗"

Saira, who recently quit Loose Women to focus on other projects including her skincare company Saira Skin, revealed her weight loss last year as she tried to fit into her old skinny jeans ahead of her 50th birthday.

She hosted fitness workouts on Instagram live and revealed her amazing results in candid underwear snaps.

In one, the ITV presenter plumped for a matching bra and knickers from Figleaves, with the lingerie featuring lace panels and delicate bow designs.

As she stood side-profile for her Instagram video, Saira revealed her lean figure and visible abdominals – which she explained were more prominent when she breathed in.

In a lengthy Instagram caption the mum of two explained how her figure fluctuated during the day, before giving a hugely simplified version of how she trains part of her abdominal wall.

Loose Women's Saira, who candidly admitted she is a "poser" wrote: "My tummy is not flat. It is rounded and when I eat, it gets full and gets rounder still. This is totally and utterly normal. If I did not eat – my tummy would be flat.

"I love my food, I need it to survive and for my brain, cells , organs, muscles etc to function properly, and for my hair, skin and nails to look and feel healthy.

"If I am posing, ( which I do a lot, because I’m a bit of a poser) I hold my tummy in, to give me a more toned look and shape.

"Also, “engaging your abs” that’s sucking your tummy in, is a great thing to do to tone your muscles to gain strength in your core – which as we get older, we need for mobility, flexibility and range of movement.

"Holding your tummy in when walking the dog, cooking, doing the school run, or even when shopping is a fab way to connect with that core and feel strong.

"A six pack is not always a sign of a healthy body. Some people have gone to extremes to get one. Sometimes they have to virtually starve – that’s not healthy."

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